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Tigerzord morphs into DEATH BATTLE!

Posted at 8:20pm | Show: DEATH BATTLE!
What is the White Power Ranger bringing to the arena?

Batman VS Captain America | DEATH BATTLE!

Posted on 9/7 | Show: DEATH BATTLE!
Episode 36 - DC vs Marvel! Two peak-condition human beings who fight for justice, now in a fight to the death! Who will win?

Godzilla VS Gamera | DEATH BATTLE!

Posted on 8/17 | Show: DEATH BATTLE!
Episode 35 - Kaiju fight! The monster fight half a century in the making! While Godzilla and Gamera have been box office rivals for years, they have never met in battle. Until now!

Fulgore VS Sektor | DEATH BATTLE!

Posted on 5/17 | Show: DEATH BATTLE!
Episode 34 - Killer Instinct VS Mortal Kombat! Two brutal cyborg assassins enter... only one survives. Is Fulgore metal enough to beat the robo-ninja Sektor?

DEATH BATTLE! Gag Reel #11: Seventh Layer of Hell

Posted on 4/18 | Show: DEATH BATTLE Gag Reels
If Wiz and Boomstick ever hope to escape, they need to stop messing up their lines!

Pokémon Battle Royale - DEATH BATTLE!

Posted on 4/12 | Show: DEATH BATTLE!
Episode 33 - Charizard VS Blastoise VS Venusaur! Did you choose the strongest starter Pokemon all those years ago?


Posted on 3/28 | Show: Random Awesomeness
Thanks to our friends at Silvermania & the 32 other YouTubers for thinking Death Battle is cool enough to create such a huge collaboration parody of! Wiz and Boomstick are ready to chime in for fun while in-between Death Battle episodes!

Luigi VS Tails - DEATH BATTLE!

Posted on 3/22 | Show: DEATH BATTLE!
Episode 32 - Nintendo VS Sega! The trusty sidekicks of Mario and Sonic raise their dukes to see who is the deadliest Player 2!

Terminator VS RoboCop - DEATH BATTLE!

Posted on 3/1 | Show: DEATH BATTLE!
Episode 31 - Skynet VS OCP! It's the robot battle to end all robot battles! These machine-men will need everything they have to fight to the bitter end, no matter what it takes!


Posted on 11/8 | Show: DEATH BATTLE!
Episode 30 - Star Fox VS Bucky O'Hare! Which anthropomorphic space mammal has the hops to outfox the other in deadly mano-a-mano combat? Experts Wiz and Boomstick have the answer!