Grand Blazer wrote on Demon_the_Kid's profile.
Posted on 3/19/15 4:20am

Thanks for subscrizzling

Posted on 3/1/15 8:20pm

Not Dead, Still alive. Click this link of my awesome artwork.

Posted on 5/21/13 1:58pm

Xbox 0, 360, one, 720, two, and two.1

Posted on 1/30/13 4:19pm

I brought this camera since last Christmas and i haven't upload any video yet so eventually i will upload ...well something.

Posted on 1/11/13 2:30pm

Demon Fact#9 I'm a Haqua(The World God Only Knows) fan.

Posted on 1/11/13 2:29pm

Demon Fact#8 There a reason why Superman is called The Man of Steel.

Posted on 9/29/12 6:28pm

Demon Fact#7 i'm not a brony, though watching "my lil pony" fan art does amused me.

Posted on 9/26/12 10:14am

Demon Fact#6 Abridged shows sux....except for Yugioh..and maybe the Naruto spoof.

Posted on 9/19/12 3:09pm

Demon Fact#IV i can't count 4.

Posted on 9/13/12 1:56pm

WiiU seem too pricey, guess i start selling my soul for it.

Posted on 9/12/12 6:35pm

Demon Fact#3 I hate having wake up late mornings.

Posted on 8/29/12 5:03pm

Demon Fact#2 Red is the new Black.

Posted on 8/14/12 7:04pm

Demon Fact#1 I actually do have a copy of Playboy w/ Olivia Munn front cover. And, yes is still clean.

Posted on 7/18/12 5:30pm

Happy 22nd Birthday to my mortal self

Posted on 7/11/12 4:43pm

Updates,Updates, and Updates Agghh. YouTube aka F**tube should inform or wait a year til they change something new that F#@$ me up!!

Posted on 7/10/12 9:06am

Parents are out the house....this called a Forever Alone Mario PAAARRTTYYY!!

Posted on 7/6/12 3:22pm

Man i haven't been on my profile much but i'll do any comments or feeds in this site for now on.

Posted on 6/21/12 10:27pm

Back in E3 i wasn't amused on Nintendo event. Now after seeing at Nintendo Direct, my body is ready!!

Posted on 6/19/12 10:38pm

Me + Pokemon Conquest= Pokemon Dictator!! MUHAHA

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