Stormtali wrote on destructorv2's profile.
Posted on 1/5/13 9:43pm

Here IS An Artwork Idea For A Death Battle: Ragna The Bloodedge (Blazblue) vs Death (Darksiders 2)

Posted on 7/22/12 9:41am

Chad and Jared's Nightmare

I just started thinking of drawing again when i saw Chad and Jared going through hell with that Teletubbies game

Posted on 7/9/12 9:53pm

What the heck happen to me?

What the heck happen to me?

TheSwedishGamer wrote on destructorv2's profile.
Posted on 6/30/12 5:16am

Just wanted to tell you that I got a new computer yesterday and when I transformed my pictures from my old pc to this new mac, I was wondering what I could use as my screen-saver. And then I found your amazing Mai vs. Chun-Li fanart so let me just tell you that my desktop is pretty sweet and I don't plan on changing it any time soon. Keep up the good work, you're very talented!

Posted on 6/13/12 9:21am

Death Battle Sketch: Haggar vs Zangief

A minor sketch for the Death Battle between Haggar and Zangief

Posted on 6/3/12 2:33am

background updated, but i think i overdid the size (2mb D:) will fix later

Posted on 5/29/12 6:49am

Original character... or generic character.. hmmm... Ah lets go for Original.

Chad wrote on destructorv2's profile.
Posted on 5/22/12 2:54pm

Just thought I'd pop over to yoru wall! Can't wait to see how you customize your page!

Posted on 5/22/12 9:38am

whoaa... ok, sweet, first post on this wall. :D just to try it out

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