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Dexterboy124's Subscribers

  • Radkennster

    I guess I'm what you guys call an Anime/Game Otaku. I love collecting Figures and playing the piano :D
  • Bygjuce

    I love video games, reading, writing, poetry, and watching stupid movies. I have a wife, 2 kids, a Master's degree, a ton of writing experience, and a love for all things hilarious and weird. My blog focuses on two...
  • SuperChunLi89

    QUESTS Subscribe to everything [COMPLETE] Customize profile with images [PENDING] Create shows to organize posted videos [PENDING] Fill in biography with an actual About Me instead of a to-do list [PENDING] REWARD + 2...
  • Average Aldo

    Just a normal guy who loves anime and video game. Awesome to meet you! Currently im into Kingdom Hearts and other wonderful rpg and action games
  • CraigGame

    British guy who happens to have the same name as the head of Screwattack Join me for Shmup Saturday, the day dedicated to destroying everything on screen, while showcasing some awesome mainstream and independent...
  • SabianEpiphone

    I'm studying mechanical engineering, I love playing the drums and guitar, and my favourite music is rock/metal. I've got an Xbox 360, a PS3 and a Wii, and I love RPGs.
  • L-roc

    Simple Joe. Planning to go to college. Love video games, playing sports, working out, reading and adventuring!
  • Crichton

    Stuff and things and stuff. Just ask me if you care.
  • 2200

    Hey! The name's 22! Which is short for 2200.... I know, its weird. I get it already :P Love playing video games, reading manga, watching anime and just an all-around geek! I love writing blogs and interacting with g1s...
  • Demon_the_Kid

    USer: Demon_the_Kid is the name and DON"T FORGET IT!!!!! AkA: Gerome Diaz II Location: Underworld, NY Best thing about me: I'm a competitive Gamer, and sometimes a bit of an Troll! LOL... If u think you can beat me in...
  • Cam the TriforceBoy

    My name is Cam (or Cameron), resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Legend of Zelda is my favorite game series so I'm a TriforceBoy (formally TriforceBoy89). I'm currently a college student and I like to wear hats. I like...
  • kai_The_true_dr...

    unkown you will just have to find out
  • Mach5Mike

    If you're reading this, then hello there, I'm Mach5Mike (or Mike for short), a fun-loving, energetic, and definitely abnormal person! I've been a daily visitor of ScrewAttack since 2008, though I didn't become g1 until...
  • screamqueen3110

    i'm a jewellery designer with my own home business @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bensam-Designs/262501907097724 i also like tattoos and have actually tattooed myself and a few other people. i also love games and...
  • InfamousLP

    - Give respect to get respect. - Behold the Mighty Phoenix!!!
  • RedHead2J

    Just a kid who plays Video Games...What more do you want? :P
  • kongk4

    Nothing much, but I am trying to get better at fighting games.
  • blubomber

    love gaming of all kinds, along with skating and music