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  • -CocoSnake-

    Fuck bitches Get money
  • 41181131815239

    I am a game, tv, and movie fanatic from Canada
  • 99thRangernick

    Just a Scottish-Canadian-American otaku with a lonely heart in a military town. Someone save me.
  • AbnormalKayla

    I'm Kayla! Nice to meet you! I love video games, books, and many other forms of media! Find out more by just talking to me... I can't put everything here... I love ScrewAttack, and wish that I could become a bigger part...
  • Advantage Content

    Thanks for being such strong supporters of ScrewAttack and our content partners. Here's where you'll find content that was produced just for Advantage Members. If you're not an Advantage Member don't be sad, you can...
  • Agatio

    I suppose i should actually put something here..... So im an aspiring music producer and am currently attending college to pursue that career. I also have Sound-Color synesthesia, which can be induced by drugs, but...
  • Agilen

    Tweets by @Agilen_ Agilen's Stream My name is Egill and I'm a Icelandic gamer who grew up playing games in the late 80s and through the 90s. I enjoy all kinds of different games from old retro games to the latest AAA...
  • Airstrike Rhino

    I'm Ryan. I play games, write things, fly planes on occasion and do a little engineering down in good ol' Houston, TX. I run GameOverNation.com with a couple of other folks, and we hope to be able to share some of the...
  • akalink

    I am a gamer who loves music. It is only natural that I would want to pursue both music and video games. I've decided to study music in LA and connect with the professionals working there. Someday I hope to be writing...
  • Alcoholic seman...

    I'm a athlete comedian and a undercover hardcore gamer/nerd. I'm a mixed bag of awesomeness : )
  • all blank

    just three words GAMING IS LIFE
  • allengator

    I am a geek who probably thinks too much about the sociological aspects of gaming. In the past few years, though, my interests are drifting from gaming to anime, however gaming will always be an interest of mine.
  • Altair0115

    I'm a gamer since childbirth - it's my ultimate hobby. I have a BA in Public and Media Communications, emphasizing in radio and newspaper media. I hope to one day find an occupation that will allow me to utilize my...
  • andresdieck

    Twitter: @andresdieck Kik: andresdieck