Orochiraul wrote on EddieD129's profile.
Posted on 10/24/13 1:46pm

added u on pokemon 1435-4370-2539 my safari is psy

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Posted on 9/17/13 5:00pm

Mutant Football League Football seeks revival via Kickstarter

Michael Mendheim, creator of the classic Genesis games is onboard!

EddieD129 posted a new blog article
Posted on 1/24/13 6:02pm

Cryamore Kickstarter Update

1/25/13! Be ready!

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Posted on 10/14/12 2:29pm
Posted on 8/3/12 9:54am

Getting ready for Marvel vs Capcom Origins. http://eddied0129.deviantart.com/#/d59qid1

Posted on 7/25/12 6:17pm

Sorry it's been so long since my last post but this one took a while... http://eddied0129.deviantart.com/#/d58q9g6

Posted on 6/20/12 7:34pm
Posted on 6/13/12 9:39am

Posted my Lollipop Chainsaw artwork yesterday but forgot to put it on ScrewAttack. Hope you guys like it. http://eddied0129.deviantart.com/#/d53cvmu

Posted on 5/30/12 11:52am

Just finished a new piece of artwork I hope you guys like it. http://eddied0129.deviantart.com/art/Best-Bosses-305308812 Also, if someone knows how to post images on the site directly, please let me know.

Craig wrote on EddieD129's profile.
Posted on 5/29/12 10:23am

Thanks for coming to the g1 community! Make sure to use your wall to communicate with others in the community and also share your videos and blog posts. We look forward to having you here.

Posted on 5/22/12 7:23pm

Hi G1s. I been wanting to join ScrewAttack for a while because of its awesome community of gamers and I wanted to share my artwork with you. I hope you guys enjoy it. http://eddied0129.deviantart.com/

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