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5/28/14 7:04pm
Elrood posted a new video

Dark Souls Arena - Scrubby Casuals

This sure was fun to make. There is nothing better than friends that try to kill each other... virtually of course.
4/2/14 7:36pm
Elrood posted a new video

Speedrunners - Scrubby Casuals

The best multiplayer games are the ones that make you wanna kill each other.
4/2/14 7:16pm
Elrood posted a new video

Metro Last Light - Review

The first video of my new show is a review of Metro Last Light, ... people still care about this game right? ... RIGHT?!
4/2/14 6:55pm
Elrood posted a new show
Honest Phil

Honest Phil

Reviews of video games, highlights of game sessions and whatever comes into my mind. Let's have some fun along the way, shall we?
12/3/12 7:15pm

Geez, university is keeping me quite busy for the past few months. Looking forward to my vacation and hopefully more articles.

10/22/12 7:17am

Finally, I have my internet connection back. 3 1/2 weeks, ugh, horrible!

10/7/12 8:30pm

Nine days no Internet and now I come back to this?! i never felt the urge to drink alcohol, but now I do...

9/27/12 7:03am

Sorry for being "dead" in the past few weeks, but things are quite hectic right now (house moving + the new semester started and some other stuff). I won't say when I'll give you more content from me cause I'm a bit tired of failing deadlines. I'll try to look at it as a fresh "restart" when I start blogging more regularly again. Until then, take care!

9/3/12 9:41pm

Well hi, it's been a while. In case you are wondering what I have been doing, I took care of my new apartment and had some kind of writer's block (exaggaration!). Right now, I'm editing a new Pod-Cast of mine. Guess it will take a few days for me to edit this. If you care about my articles don't worry, I'm not done or anything, but I won't make it this week. All this time not releasing anything got me all twitchy, so I can't wait until I have the time to blog more frequently again.

8/19/12 5:51pm

i was unfortunately crazy-lazy this week. So, no updates this week. I've got no excuses except that the heat is about to melt my brain. Sorry.

8/9/12 9:11pm

As for other blogs, I've to admit that I wasn't really productive this week, so don't expect any updates. However, I want to make up for that with 2 instead of 1 blog the following week (for realsys)

8/9/12 9:09pm

So, played Christine Love's other games over the last few days "Digital Love" and "Don't take it personally babe it just ain't your story". Gotta say I liked it much more than "Analogue". So if you have the time, check them out (it's free). http://blog.scoutshonour.com/

8/5/12 5:28pm

Great, wanted to play some Final Fantasy 12 on my old tube television, but apparently it's broken...

8/2/12 9:30pm
Elrood posted a new blog article
Review - Analogue: A Hate Story

Review - Analogue: A Hate Story

Ever wanted to “date” an Ai? Well, here is your chance. “Analogue: A Hate Story "isn’t outstanding but the original presentation and setting left me wanting for more.
7/30/12 6:07am

"Wait, weren't there supposed to be two updates last week?" Well, yes. unfortunately I got my hands full right now with getting a new apartment and all. So my next review will have to be postponed for a few days orz

7/25/12 8:47pm

Just finished my second rough script. Looks like I'll have two blogs this week. Yay~

7/23/12 9:07am

Just watched After Dark 6. Too many damn stars!

7/20/12 11:37am

Gonna be away for the weekend, so next update probably hits around the end of next week. Most likely more reviews, since I've got so many material for that (steam-sales). Next discussion? Well sure. I've already got an interesting topic I'm excited to talk about, but I'll hold on to that for a bit. First, I want to write a few reviews^^ Anyway, wisha ya a nice weekend fellow G1's!

7/18/12 6:04pm
Elrood posted a new blog article
Review - Spec Ops: The Line

Review - Spec Ops: The Line

I’m tired. Tired of military shooters that keep on using violence as a form of entertainment rather than handling the theme in a mature manner. Luckily, Spec Ops: The Line is on the right track.
7/12/12 2:18pm

Steam sales are up! Damn, good bye lunch-money~!