Posted on 12/23/13 4:41am
Posted on 12/19/13 6:17pm

"It is, perhaps, a fact provocative of sour mirth that the Bill of Rights was designed trustfully to prohibit forever two of the favorite crimes of all known governments: the seizure of private property without adequate compensation and the invasion of the citizen’s liberty without justifiable cause…It is a fact provocative of mirth yet more sour that the execution of these prohibitions was put into the hands of courts, which is to say, into the hands of lawyers, which is to say, into the hands of men specifically educated to discover legal excuses for dishonest, dishonorable and anti-social acts." - H. L. Mencken

Posted on 12/4/13 5:58am

"'Taste is relative' is the excuse adopted by those eras that have bad taste." - Nicolás Gómez Dávila

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Posted on 5/27/13 1:27pm

If you want to read some of the most anti-white and anti-male drivel of any article you'll likely see for a while...just check this out. The worst part is the popular reception it's getting.

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Posted on 5/16/13 12:45am
Posted on 12/29/12 4:18pm

I almost forgot it's my birthday. Wow. 30.

Posted on 12/14/12 12:21am

Scored myself some free Duke Nukem 3D. It is a happy day.

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Posted on 11/3/12 11:57pm
Posted on 10/29/12 3:31pm

Riding out the storm. Playing Earthworm Jim on my Genesis.

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Posted on 10/7/12 6:12pm

Ah, wouldn't you know it? The "all accepting liberals" locked my forum post because of "sexist overtones". In other words. We accept everyone who agrees with us. Anyone else isn't allowed to speak.

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Posted on 10/7/12 5:38pm

Hey man. If you have an account in the forums, go over to the formal section. I started a topic called "any MRA G1s in here." basically I've been arguing against feminism. I've been completely logical and thorough. But wouldn't you know it, feminists don't care to debate and would rather just insult you because you don't believe what they believe and as you know, if you don't believe in feminism then you're are a backwoods bigot. So since you're one of the few rational people on Screwattack, having a rational voice on those forums would be incredibally appreciated.

Posted on 10/4/12 11:46pm

Too many g1s are making accusations they shouldn't. Jared said his termination was civil, and he acknowledged Craig's reasoning on Hard News. It sounds like Craig saw a problem and had to make a decision. Like or dislike it, Craig ultimately did what he felt was best for ScrewAttack.

Posted on 10/3/12 9:54pm

From what I've heard, it sounds like Obama got his ass handed to him. I'm still not particularly thrilled with Romney, though.

Posted on 8/31/12 9:05pm

It would seem that my noticing how hot this game designer is at the expense of lending attention to her game that I don't even care about makes me a "misogynist asshole who advocates surgical removal of clitorises" :

Posted on 8/16/12 10:01pm

KingSigy's self-hating White hetero male complex is beginning to exhaust me. I should write a parody of every blog he's ever written.

Posted on 8/5/12 10:16pm

What is a man?

Posted on 8/1/12 4:26pm

I think a lot of people are either prematurely dismissing the Ouya or do not actually understand it. It is not a console resting its hopes for success on bringing preexisting Android games into your living room, though it can and will do this. The Ouya uses Android as its underlying OS so that developers can more easily create games for the console, including AAA-scale experiences . . . which the Ouya seems quite capable of running. The young, creative development talent that has been shying away from the console business work widely within the Android environment; the people behind Ouya made a sound decision in buiding their console on the Android OS. Maybe the only reason many g1s (as well as some members of the Crew) are pooh-poohing Ouya is because it's from an upstart company as opposed to one of the established players in the console gaming scene. If say, Sega, had come up with a new console using the same concept as the Ouya and called it "Dreamcast 2", many of us here would spring huge boners and clap their hands.

Posted on 7/18/12 4:40pm

Okay. I've decided to actually use my wall for its intended purpose rather than as a listing of posts I'm interested in, which would be moot if ScrewAttack had some sort of "Like" or "Favorites" feature. So, for my subscribers (all FIVE of you): Look forward to my baroque status updates and the occasional thought crime.

Posted on 7/5/12 9:51pm

Being featured is kinda nice. I've posted images of myself online before, but ScrewAttack is the only place I've felt comfortable enough in to post these particular pictures. I guess this owes to the power of community and such . . .

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