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3/6/13 12:11pm
Farewell to Alpha Unit

Farewell to Alpha Unit

A short blog dedicated to g1 Alpha Unit.
1/23/13 1:12pm
ExplodingLobster posted a new video

I haven't been active on here so have this

I haven't been very active on here so I decided to post this
12/10/12 1:21pm

Oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man I haven't been on here in ages I need to fix that

8/25/12 7:17pm

Would people be interested if I did reviews of comic books and graphic novels?

8/16/12 12:04pm
My Thoughts on The Expendables 2

My Thoughts on The Expendables 2

A blog about what I think of The Expendables 2
7/27/12 12:02am

I'm going to make a blog about this at some point later down the road (can't right now because i'm not at my own computer so I don't have access to the programs I need) but right now I'm going to recommend that you go check out "Slender", a psychological survival horror game that succeeds in being really fucking scary. It is also FREE so go look it up if you haven't yet.

7/6/12 8:05pm
JustAKoopa wrote on ExplodingLobster's profile.

Thank for the Subscribe! ~Koopa

6/27/12 10:29am

So I was going to post something here today but then photoshop decided that I couldn't save it. Fuck you photoshop.

6/17/12 12:20pm
FrankHaggar wrote on ExplodingLobster's profile.

Call me on Skype either today or tomorrow okay :) ?

6/15/12 3:04am
Episode 3 has a release date

Episode 3 has a release date

A release date for the long awaited Episode 3
6/13/12 8:34am

Thanks for subscribing! =)

6/11/12 4:28pm
FrankHaggar wrote on ExplodingLobster's profile.

wel'l talk on tuseday okay?

6/11/12 1:44pm
FrankHaggar wrote on ExplodingLobster's profile.

Iv`e added you on Skype! name is obviusly frankhaggar972. I`m still unfamiliar with the program so if you could call me today it would be great :) Jut to test it out and stuff.

6/7/12 3:02pm

So I started Playing LoZ Wind Waker today, which I have played before, rather than play Skyward Sword, which I have not played before. Nice to know I have my priorities right.

5/26/12 11:40am
ExplodingLobster posted a new video

Tugboat Commando

Garrus Talbot is a retired government operative who spends his days sailing in his tugboat, who must now fight off an alien invasion.
5/25/12 11:42am

Finished college, now have time to do whatever the fuck I want. I'll be posting something here tomorrow.


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