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Xbox One conference & after-"party"

Posted 46 weeks ago on 5/24
Full blog on conference and the stuff that happened afterwards ... So far.

My thoughts on "Bros before Hos"

Posted 1 year ago on 3/12
Yo, bro, like, totally.

TAG - Back to DAZ

Posted 1 year ago on 3/1
The Art Gallery is open once again!

Pokémon Adventures: Red arc review

Posted 1 year ago on 2/18
... wait ... HOW do Bellsprout evolve? °_°

A Holiday Art Blog

Posted 1 year ago on 12/31
Happy Holidays from Greyarch Entertainment!

[DAZ] Turtle Training

Posted 1 year ago on 12/15
Daz Studio 4.5 created image staring the Turtles.

Merry Christmas 2k12

Posted 1 year ago on 12/12
A merry, early Christmas from all of us at Greyarch Entertainment!

WIDS: Stargate Universe

Posted 1 year ago on 10/28
Why do I think that Stargate Universe doesn't suck?

WIDS: Modern Warfare 3

Posted 1 year ago on 10/18
So, why do I think that Modern Warfare 3 doesn't suck?

Young Justice Invasion - Darkest review

Posted 1 year ago on 10/7
Review for this week's episode of Young Justice: Invasion

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