Posted on 1/16/13 8:43pm

Top 5: Video Game Remakes/ Top 5 Games That Need to be Remade

Remakes, I love 'em. I want more of 'em. You dig?

Posted on 12/16/12 6:34pm

My collection of Wii games!

As we say goodbye to the innovative waggle-tron, I take a look at the games that defined the Nintendo Wii.

Posted on 12/4/12 7:53pm

Explore the depths of my PS3 Collection

Just me showing off the games I have for the PlayStation 3, with opinions! Yay!

Posted on 7/2/12 9:18am
Posted on 6/26/12 7:00pm

It was pretty awesome to be in Virtua Fighter 5 on Screwin Around today. Here is the link

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