Posted on 1/22/14 7:37am

Let's make a "Modern Reboot"

A simple parody of the current state of some of the gaming companies ways of doing games.

Posted on 10/12/13 10:48am

A little update on what to come next from FrankHaggar

What to come (hopefully) from me in the future

LousyTactician wrote on FrankHaggar's profile.
Posted on 9/14/13 8:24pm
Posted on 6/26/13 6:06am Me and ExplodingLosbter newest list, the top 10 mario kart tracks :)

Posted on 6/20/13 5:59am

School is over!

Posted on 5/16/13 5:08pm

Finally....only 3 tests in German and then no more tests!

Posted on 5/13/13 10:22am

School will soon be over...

Posted on 5/10/13 2:32pm

Me and ExplodingLobster's newest list is going good so far.

Posted on 5/9/13 3:54pm

A top 20 is in the works by me :)

immorticus wrote on FrankHaggar's profile.
Posted on 4/23/13 9:09pm

thanx for the sub, frank

Posted on 4/23/13 2:10pm

Lots of tests coming up, but I think I will do okay.

Posted on 4/16/13 7:59am

I wanna work more on g1 Freelancers soon.

Treasure Hunter wrote on FrankHaggar's profile.
Posted on 3/31/13 9:05am

Thanks for the sub!

Posted on 3/28/13 6:26pm

The g1 Freelancers(Comic) Episode 2: Evil Awaits

The saga continues! The comic series featuring a bunch of g1s is back with some new faces and adventures!

Posted on 3/24/13 4:41pm

Well I only got 2 pages left on The g1 Freelancers episode 2 to draw!

Posted on 3/22/13 12:07pm

Frank's Art: Some banners I made and a small update

Banners, updates and a little bonus!

Posted on 3/16/13 8:47am
Posted on 3/10/13 6:23am

Banner making is fun.

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