Posted on 4/16/13 8:00pm

Hello paisanos, it's the new European 3DS focused Nintendo Direct Super Show!

For Europe at least. Next Wednesday 3pm GMT/4pm CET

Posted on 2/13/13 9:00pm

Hey, remember that time I wrote a blog about a new Nintendo Direct?

Yup. Another one of these, but 3DS focused this time.

Posted on 1/22/13 9:09am

A Wild (U) Nintendo Direct Appears!

New Nintendo Direct tomorrow, focusing on the next games for the Nintendo Wii U!

Posted on 12/4/12 1:30pm

Did Europe miss Nintendo Directs? I hope not, cause there's more tomorrow!

Tomorrow, 5pm GMT/6 pm CET: new Nintendo Direct with the focus on Wii U and 3DS games for late 2012/early 2013

Posted on 5/22/12 12:01pm

Ah, yes. Much more Sanger Zonvolt-tastic! I feel like this profile can CLEAVE EVIL~!

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