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22 | Last Updated: 1/4/14 9:57pm
Larry Fried (Flapperdoodle), Max Marriner (SideSmash), and Sean Capdeville talk film in the first cinema related show to hit g1 Features.

g1 Digital Forecast

28 | Last Updated: 12/28/12 9:02pm
The g1 Community gives the run down of the past week's biggest trailers and lets you know whether you should keep an eye on the game or give it a pass.

g1 Interviews

3 | Last Updated: 4/8/14 1:58pm
You a g1? Got something to say? Well come and join MasterWayne and Bygjuce as they interview various G1's from around the world!

Reaction Command

7 | Last Updated: 8/28/12 7:41pm
Reaction Command is a podcast. The point of Reaction Command is for g1s to have fun and get a kind of "crash course" in podcasting, with g1s switching as guest hosts every week, creating a closer community.


18 | Last Updated: 12/28/12 11:00am
g1s Flapperdoodle, Kailoli, and weekly guest hosts discuss the ScrewAttack community, gaming, and everything nerdy in this awesome podcast posted every Thursday!

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