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      Australian Turf War- Cows vs Koalas

      5 years ago

      Growing up in Ohio, I thought I knew cows. Big smelly creatures that spent most of their time lazily wandering around the pasture, and apart from their size, completely harmless, or so I thought..

       "Australia's cute and cuddly koalas are being trampled to death by killer cows. The iconic native animals, which live in trees, are being killed or injured when territorial cows with calves at heel act in concert to circle and trample them when they go to ground to change trees." 
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    My name is Bryce, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio (That city with the really crappy football team). I grew up an avid gamer and book worm. For years I played mostly MMOs (Currently playing TERA Online), though now I am mostly a console gamer. I'm studying Computer Network Engineering, while trying to find my place in the world.

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