Posted on 4/30/13 6:46am

Another Game released for LD, check it out here :D

Posted on 4/17/13 6:05pm

Hunter of Predators - Canned? Processed? Gone?

Apologies to everyone looking forward to this and an explanation

Posted on 11/29/12 12:03am
Posted on 11/25/12 7:19pm

On another note however, my entry into the TIGsource Sport's contest, Movemball -

Posted on 11/25/12 7:17pm

Boy howdy what's going on with the site all of a sudden? Some serious bots running around causing carnage.

Posted on 10/24/12 2:44am

Update - Re:Consider, Reclaim and Remix (amongst other things)

Wherein I detail recent happenings, directions of projects and the likes to all 8 or so of the people following my page.

Posted on 9/10/12 6:33am

Project Reclaim 01 - Predator (NES) : It's Showtime!

After a long wait, the first demo for Hunter of Predator arrives! Also commentary.

Posted on 9/9/12 7:43am

"Hunter of Predators" demo should be going up today with another blog post regarding dev. stuff - Cutscenes and Setbacks (talking about the return to Merry Ol' England, Hard-Drive corruptions and whatnot).

Posted on 8/28/12 6:47pm

"Hunter of Predators" Engine Demo will be out within a week or so, get ready to ride some scorpion folks!

Posted on 8/21/12 10:15am

Work Laptop came back clean as a whistle, Hunter of Predators is back on track!

Posted on 8/16/12 2:10pm

Small Update on things; Just as soon as I get my engine fixed up, the Driver in my Laptop got fried from the XRays at the Airport on return from Japan to England. I have it all backed up, but another delay before releasing the Hunter of Predators Demo. Sorry! D;

Posted on 7/28/12 10:24am

That feeling you get when mandatory updates of your Engine break your game piece by piece. SO DAMN FUN. > = (

Posted on 7/21/12 5:32pm

Little bit of an update on Hunter of Predators - Demo should be going up at the end of this month. I'm having problems with the opening cutscene (due to an update of Game Maker Studio - Hurrah) but when I get that sorted and tweak the difficulty levels across the demo levels I'll get it uploaded as soon as I can.

Gaarathedancingpanda wrote on G1Neonlare's profile.
Posted on 7/20/12 4:33pm

Hey, when you do a Scorpion sprite, or even get a copy of the scorpion from predator, can you contact me? Someone had the great idea to add it to the ScrewAttack iPhone theme. You will be credited, if you want that is.

Posted on 7/5/12 1:30pm

RE: Consider Pilot Episode - Localization

A new Podcast discussing in detail the aspects of Game Design, Organization, Production and Publication.

G1Neonlare posted a new video
Posted on 6/20/12 1:32am

Request - 05 (Astyanax NES) Gryphon Fortress

Another Day Another Try, this time inspiration comes straight from the NES, Astyanax!

G1Neonlare posted a new video
Posted on 6/6/12 10:43am

Request - 04 (Super Metroid SNES) Chrysalos

Fourth in a line of originally composed, Retro inspired music! This time around it's none other than Super Metroid! Give it a listen folks!

G1Neonlare posted a new video
Posted on 6/1/12 7:04am

Request - 03 (Metal Warriors SNES) Strike Mission

Third entry of the Requests series, this time it's the good ol' SNES, Metal Warriors! (Requested by MarkSoupial)

Posted on 6/1/12 2:17am

Another Request Video going up sometime very soon! If anyone here knows of a little game called "Metal Warriors" for the SNES, then you're in for a treat! Will also be posting up the Pilot Episode for a Podcast series I've been working on sometime soon, stay tuned folks!

G1Neonlare posted a new video
Posted on 5/30/12 9:29pm

Request - 02 (Extreme-G N64) Track C

The second of Requests, this time it's Extreme-G for N64. Stay a while, and listen.

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