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10/5/12 10:33am
SamuraiLink wrote on G1Supreme's profile.

...So that video?

9/8/12 5:08am
SamuraiLink wrote on G1Supreme's profile.

Video going well?

7/16/12 4:02pm

Sorry the 2nd episode is taking so long, I just started a new job and just started getting serious with my new girlfriend, but I have chosen the next song and i'm practicing it

7/4/12 4:34pm
G1Supreme posted a new video

Supreme Beatboxing - The obligatory Underground Theme

First episode in a new weekly Video Game Beatboxing show.
7/4/12 4:19pm
G1Supreme posted a new show
G1 Supreme's Beatboxing Soundtrack

G1 Supreme's Beatboxing Soundtrack

A show bringing gaming music to life

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