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Posted on 3/3/15 1:04pm

Who Should Kirito fight in DEATH BATTLE?

Kirtio is one of the most popular current anime characters so..who should he fight in DEATH BATTLE?

Posted on 3/2/15 5:01pm

DEATH BATTLE ANALYSIS Simon Belmont vs. Jonathan Joestar

The Battle to determine who is the greatest Vampire Hunter. Simon Belmont of the Castlevania Series or Jonathan Joestar of the Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Series

Posted on 2/26/15 2:00pm

DEATH BATTLE ANALYSIS: The All-Mighty Ultra Mecha Screwattack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey did you know that actually owns a giant mecha. Let's look at its abilities for DEATH BATTLE. This was made purley for fun and not meant to be taken seriously. Can't wait for DEATH BATTLE Live!!!!

Posted on 2/23/15 2:07pm

DEATH BATTLE ANALYSIS: Hiro Hamada and Baymax vs Hiccup and Toothless

The Classic Tale of a Boy and his Robot and a Boy with a Dragon. So who wins this fight. Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6 or Hiccup and Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

Posted on 2/17/15 5:12am

Morally Ambiguous Intent: Nagisa Shiota

I look at one of my personal favourite Anti-Heroes in Anime/Manga: Nagisa Shiota. He is likely the Anime Version of Arya Stark

Posted on 2/15/15 1:37pm

DEATH BATTLE ANALYSIS: Saitama (One Punch Man) vs Korosensei

A Joke Battle between two of the weirdest characters in anime..

Posted on 2/14/15 4:24am

Top 5 Characters I Want in Dissidia 3

Dissidia Final Fantasy has been announced for Arcades so i decided why not celebrate the series by doing a Top 5 Characters i want to see in Dissidia 3

Posted on 2/13/15 2:38am


For once i am focusing on one charcter and ohhh boy what a charcter it is. Warning there will be blood.

Posted on 2/11/15 11:37am

Dengeki PlayStation shares more Persona 5 details

Dengeki Playstation revealed some details for Persona 5 including a Full Body Shot of Arsene

Posted on 2/9/15 11:48am

Reasons Why Sailor Moon vs Madoka Kaname Should Happen...

The Battle of Magical Girls...the Original or the Deconstruction. Two Girls with Godlike Powers battling it out. Seems like a pretty good DEATH BATTLE to me..

Posted on 2/9/15 10:08am

Famitsu Details Regarding Persona 5

The Name of the Persona 5 Protagonist's Persona has been revealed and it's....

Posted on 2/8/15 6:08am

DEATH BATTLE ANALYSIS: Homura Akemi (Madoka Magica) vs Future Trunks ( Dragon Ball Z)

Two Time Travellers who travel back in time in order to save the ones they care about and prevent an awful fate. I decided not to do Trunks vs Silver since that would way too easy and be a stomp in favour of Trunks. The Sayian vs the Magical Girl. It's Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica vs Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z

Posted on 2/6/15 3:56pm

Theory Regarding Persona 5

An Expansion on James 'logichole' H's theories regarding Persona 5 with my own opinions and theories regarding Persona 5.

Posted on 2/3/15 4:30pm

Like Father Like Son...

Yes i am talking about School Days and discovered something that makes me realize that Makoto Itou was not the worst charcter in the School Days Universe..his father was.

Posted on 2/3/15 2:37am

DEATH BATTLE ANALYSIS: Simon from Gurren Lagann vs Ryuko from Kill La Kill

I know this may seem a stomp at first but hear me out. It's going to be a fun ride as we looked at two of the most ridiculous anime in the world to see which main charcter comes out top

Posted on 2/2/15 1:29pm

Monty Oum: Creator of Red vs Blue and RWBY has Passed Away

Monty Oum the creator of RWBY and Red vs Blue has passed away. He was 33.

Posted on 2/1/15 12:01pm


I was originally going to do this fight but after seeing this blog i don't think i can bring anything new to the table in terms of analysis and the fight itself so for the second time we are promoting a DEATH BATTLE Blog. None of this is my own work and please give MadnessAbe a thumbs up.

Posted on 2/1/15 9:24am

A Joke DEATH BATTLE I Want To See and A Joke DEATH BATTLE I Don't Want To See

I never said i would not post any DB blogs because of Akatsuki vs Org 13. Just no DEATH BATTLE Analysis Blogs for the time being :( . This is just a quick filler blog on a joke fight i want to see and one i don't want to see. Also Spoilers for Danganropa 2

Posted on 2/1/15 2:15am

What's the Next DEATH BATTLE Blog?

I know i suck at making promises. This next DB is going to take a lot of work for me to finish so i won't be posting a DB blog for a couple of weeks because of how long it will take for me to finish this DB. It's going to be long and it's going to be awesome. I will be posting some blogs as filler content until this DB happens which i expect to be late Feburary though i may be wrong. I may detail each charcter in their own blog and then bring it all together for one big blog once i have detail everyone and gotten to the fight.

Posted on 1/31/15 7:54am

Devious Intent - Super High School Despair

A Blog where i focus on my favourite group of villains in gaming: Super High School Despair. MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR DANGANROPA 2

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