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      A Shopping list with a ScrewAttack twist

      4 years ago

      Have you ever found yourself watching Screwin’ Around only to say “I must have that game!”? Or seeing something in the Video Game Vault or Top Ten that just brings up memories and forces you to seek something out for pure nostalgia? I know I certainly have, and I am happy to say that it has been fantastic finding and remembering old games that I would have passed over or forgotten. Here is a personal list of what I have dug deep for.


      Prototype 2 - As Seen on Screwin' Around

      When this game hit the shelves, I dismissed it as something easily passed over. The first wasn’t that bad, but it did not inspire me to look at the sequel. That was until I tuned into an episode of Screwin’ Around, and specifically New Game Tuesday. Watching Sean and Nick play showed off elements of the game which I found to be more intriguing upon closer inspection, and the commentary Sean and Nick had about it made it sound like my type of game. Armed with what I had seen on Screwin’ Around I walked into the local store and picked myself up a copy, on sale no less.

      Having just beaten it, I can say it was well worth a $40 dollar investment on my end and something I would not have played for years if not ever. A big thanks to Sean and Nick for showing me this gem and getting it into my system to be enjoyed.


      The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - As Seen on Screwin' Around

      I am curious how many other G1’s have been inspired by the exploits of PooP (spelled the classy way, with two capital P’s) and his companion Best/Hipster Tetra on Zelda Wednesday. This is a game I remember fondly and enjoyed when I was younger. I found the art style inviting, and the narrative to be on par with what I have come to expect from a Zelda game. After seeing Ben dive into this adventure I couldn’t resist the urge to play along with him, so after managing to hunt down a copy to replace my long lost one, it was on.

      I have been trying my best to play along with Ben, pulling a head earlier in the game. However, with this – the mightiest of all fetch quests – I think we have evened back up to the same part. I can hardly wait to finish this one up again. Go get ‘em PooP!


      Mario Party - As Seen on ScrewAttack After Dark

      ONE F**KING COIN! A quote which will long go down in the history of ScrewAttack, and serve to sum up the atmosphere which comes with Mario Party on Screw Attack After Dark. Now after showing the 24 Hour Marathon game and the other After Dark games to my friends, we decided to start our own Friday night Mario Party madness. To accomplish this feat I had to get my hands on a copy of the game. Was it worth it? Yes it was. The only thing that has worked better for our group than getting the game, was following the mantra of leaving friendships at the door.

      To this date, I am glad to say that no one has lost their short, nor has anyone lost by one coin. I can hardly wait for the next After Dark game, and see what shenanigans the group can get into this time. Here is hoping for a chaotic game.


      Super Tennis - As Seen in the Video Game Vault

      After seeing this in the Video Game Vault I hopped into the car almost immediately and started hitting up the pawn shops in the area to try and find this gem. I did find it, and the next two days were simply a blur. Like the vault mentioned this game has the capacity to be one intense game. A friend and I saw down to this one and just a few hours after having it in our hands we were in a vicious match which lasted almost forty five minutes. This is a must have for SNES owners in my mind, and I am still trying to get better at it, seeing if we can reach the levels of those mythic matches which last longer.

      Not sure? Check out the Vault on it, and that should clear up any questions you have on the game.


      Kid Icarus: Uprising - As Reviewed by ProJared

      Sometimes if I come off the ScrewAttack website and head out to buy something, it isn’t always on accident. In this particular case the game I was struggling over was Kid Icarus: Uprising. On launch the game had received such mixed reviews that I wasn’t sure who to believe. When in doubt, however, it was just a matter of waiting to check out ScrewAttack. With a game that is generally as mixed as this one, I find the reviews that come out of this site both honest, and informative from an almost grassroots perspective. That is what I like about ScrewAttack reviews is more a fear of personal bias than corporate bias, which is good when looking to spend money.

      With the good rating it was given by Jared I settled on getting it, and have immensely enjoyed it.


      Super Castlevania IV - As Played on the 24 Hour Birthday Marathon

      Oddly enough, I never had the pleasure of playing this game. I have known about, and I have known that it was good. It just never came up, and I can’t explain why. Watching it be beaten on the 24 Hour Marathon changed that and as Jared was playing it was scouring local listings and video game stores catalogues trying to find a copy. It eventually took a trip to a swap meet to find it, and as soon as I had it in the SNES, it was dash to the finish. Needless to say that it didn’t happen right away. It took about a week of attempts but I finally managed to best the game.

      This is one of those titles that I am very proud check off my completed list, and all because of the motivation provided by the 24 hour marathon.


      Punch Out - As Played by Craig

      I will be the first to admit that I cheated on this one, and went for the 3DS version, so it really isn’t an authentic experience, but with the price being right I wasn’t about to pass by this classic. I have found it a perfect on the go experience and have aspired to beat the best of the best. Maybe one of these days I will get to challenge Tyson, and claim the gold against Kid Dynamite.

      I would like to take a quick moment to say congrats Craig, on finally beating Tyson! You just needed a little Mac of your own.


      Doritos - As Eaten on Sidescrollers

      Admit it, after seeing Doritos on PB&J on SideScrollers a lot of us either went and tried it ourselves, or at wanted Doritos.


      Just a few items I have been compelled to purchase due to visiting ScrewAttack everyday. How about you G1's?  Have you ever bought something after seeing it on the site? I would love to hear about what has enticed you!

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