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6/29/12 11:31pm
25 to Life: How Zelda Saved ME

25 to Life: How Zelda Saved ME

In which TQM discovers a wonderfully happy revelation of life thanks to everyone's favourite Triforce-wielding princess...and he's gonna share it with all of you.
6/10/12 10:43pm
Much E3 About Nothing

Much E3 About Nothing

In which TQM shares his own intimate thoughts and feelings on E3's game line-up...through the use of an archaic (yet sexy) form of prose!
5/29/12 9:33pm


In which TQM provides 5 equally-frightening (and far SEXIER) alternatives to the dull-as-dishwater zombie apocalypse genre.
5/23/12 10:46am
Glockstar Armani posted a new video

Dimension Intervention

Myself and three friends sit down and have a serious talk with Hollywood.
5/23/12 10:40am
Six Seasons and a Movie

Six Seasons and a Movie

TQM gives a rocketing, 1400-word salute to one of the most fantasmagorical little television shows to ever grace the small screen.
5/23/12 10:36am

Dorothy told the Screcrow she'd miss him most of all...right in front of everybody else. What an inconsiderate thing to do.


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