Posted on 3/10/15 8:31pm

Top 10 Songs from Skyward Sword

The final part of an 8 part series, we end at the very beginning with Skyward Sword.

Posted on 2/27/15 9:18pm

Well I had the next list done, then my browser took a shit... no, I'm not mad. NOT. MAD!

Posted on 2/20/15 9:11pm

Top 10 Songs from A Link Between Worlds

We enter the final straightaway with part 7 of 8 and get a feeling of deja vu in A Link Between Worlds.

Posted on 2/16/15 2:57am

Call me nostalgic, but I love how the ScrewAttack Store's look has not been updated since v4.

Posted on 2/14/15 9:50pm

I missed the January Nintendo Direct... what the fuck am I doing? So my Fire Emblem is showing now.

Posted on 2/10/15 12:40am

Top 10 Songs from Twilight Princess

Part 6 of 8 promises to be a howling good time with Twilight Princess.

Posted on 1/27/15 9:51pm

Top 10 Songs from Spirit Tracks

Part 5 of 8 pulls out of the station as we look at the best tracks in Spirit Tracks.

Posted on 1/6/15 11:51am

A Window or a Mirror: Sonic Boom and Fan Reaction

Having a laugh and a head shake at die-hard Sonic fans? Beware...

Posted on 12/24/14 12:53am

Hi, the speakers on my laptop are not working. So doing stuff with music is impossible. The lists will continue when I get back to my good computer, which won't be until January (probably). So I'll see you guys next year!

Posted on 12/16/14 9:22pm

Top 10 Songs from The Wind Waker

We continue on with part 4, the best music the Wind Waker could conduct.

Posted on 12/9/14 10:49pm

Top 10 Songs from Majora's Mask

Part 3 of an 8 part series takes an unexpected dark turn to the world of Termina.

Emblem wrote on The Guardian's profile.
Posted on 12/9/14 3:53pm

Hey man, I read your comment on the G1Features article. I would love to write about The Banner saga, but the more get in the more fun right? If you want it, you can take it . I'll switch my option to Fantasy Life. Let me know!

Posted on 12/4/14 11:36pm

Top 10 Songs from Ocarina of Time

Part 2 of 8. It's time to jam out on our Ocarina of Time!

Posted on 12/1/14 11:09pm

Top 10 Songs from A Link to the Past

Part 1 of a 8 series. Only the best tunes can make it from A Link to the Past.

Posted on 12/1/14 6:54pm

I was nearing the very end of a blog I've been working on for about a day when Chorme thought it would be absolutely hilarious to restart for no reason and delete EVERYTHING. No big deal, I'm not even mad. Not even mad. NOT MAD!

Posted on 10/25/14 3:04pm
Posted on 10/14/14 1:50pm

Real talk, it is extremely disheartening to see even front page blogs struggle to get double digit comments. I know that isn't what blogging is about, but I love interacting with the audience.

Posted on 9/1/14 1:38pm

5 Year, 100th Blog Special!

The Guardian's 5th year anniversary of becoming a g1 and 100th blog on v5. Here's a thing to celebrate!

Posted on 8/13/14 6:46pm

Somewhat distressing news: There is something in my right eye that not even my eye doctor could tell me what it is. Going to see a specialist tomorrow, hoping for some good news.

Posted on 8/5/14 6:10pm

How About This Hyrule Warriors?

So now we have been shown everything we are likely to be shown before the release. Time to get excited people! Oh, and thumbnail image is from

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