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4/11/14 12:18am
Captain Gamer wrote on The Guardian's profile.

It occurs to me - a whole week later - that there seems to be no direct response feature in the blog system here. So I'll repeat what I said in response to your comment on last week's article: Well, shoot. Don't let me stop you from making your own entry. The more the merrier! This game deserves its own volumes of samey literature like any other game that's popular today. I'd be interested to see what you could add to the discussion.

4/9/14 2:49pm

Prediction: Smash Bros on the 3DS will not have the complete roster of characters at launch. There will be DLC characters that will be free in the WiiU version, which will have the complete roster at launch.

4/3/14 4:22pm
Confessions of a Hater: Square Enix

Confessions of a Hater: Square Enix

Part 1 of... who knows if I'll do another. All those things I've held in about Square Enix.
4/3/14 11:37am
Agatio wrote on The Guardian's profile.

Replying to your comment on the Lightning Returns review. Word on the street is that FFXV battle system is heavily based on it.

4/1/14 11:21am

On this day, 11 years ago, Square and Enix merged.

3/31/14 12:32am

I'm doing some research for an idea (I know right? Who the hell does research?) and one thing I keep coming across in Final Fantasy XII reviews is the line "cast of likable characters". WHAAAAAAAAT?! Who in the... WHAAAA?! HOW THE HELL CAN ANYONE CALL... I must calm myself.

2/18/14 2:24am

On October 19, 2012, I said, "Average views per blog in v3/4: 804. Average views per blog in NewAttack: 684" Average now? 1787.

1/31/14 4:59pm

I now have no reason to not own Four Sword. Guess I'll be delaying a series for a little bit.

1/27/14 7:58pm
My Thoughts: Fire Emblem Awakening (With Bonus)

My Thoughts: Fire Emblem Awakening (With Bonus)

The final game I recieved this Christmas, Fire Emblem Awakening. Did I save the best for last, or have I been dreading talking about it? Added goodie at the end.
1/25/14 5:39pm

I'm looking at this War Thunder ad on the right side here and on the bottom is flashing "Distroy the Tanks". I'm no professional, but I'm pretty sure it is spelled "Destroy". That's embarrassing.

1/24/14 3:40pm

For the first time in a long time, I have a bunch of ideas that might make it to print.

1/20/14 3:34pm

I'm looking at these suggested subs on the right side of my feed. They have been the same about 15 people since v5 went live. Can we get a refresh or an expansion? Or maybe a system where based on my other subscriptions it suggests related g1s?

1/6/14 4:44pm
My Thoughts: Shin Megami Tensei IV

My Thoughts: Shin Megami Tensei IV

It's an ATLUS game and a Shin Megami game. You can expect two things; demons and getting your ass kicked. The second of my five Christmas games.
1/4/14 11:38pm
My Thoughts: Castle Crashers

My Thoughts: Castle Crashers

The first of five games I got this Christmas. This one will be a bit different though.
1/4/14 1:45am

Hi, I've been away since Christmas getting acquainted with my gifts, all of the gaming related one's you will probably hear about... starting tomorrow.

12/23/13 8:49pm

Well, my free year of Advantage runs out the 27th, you know what that means. 3 Days Remain. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_gxCsT8aIs

12/18/13 3:52pm

From that Nintendo Direct today, Hyrule Warriors. To me, it's like peanut butter and pickles. It's one of the weirdest combinations ever and sounds like an abomination. But it works.

12/16/13 3:56pm
Top 9 Series I Should Play More

Top 9 Series I Should Play More

You know what you'll almost never hear a gamer say? "I should play even more than I already do."
12/5/13 4:50pm

Final Fantasy VIII just released on Steam. Thought you'd like to know that.

12/3/13 7:57pm

Hey, what's goin' on? I have stuff done, but I don't think I'll post just yet. ScrewAttack said a lot of changes would happen to the site including the comment section, so I won't be posting anything until after all the changes are made and final.


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