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Hero of Lime Bro's Wall

3/18/14 1:50am
Shiznita wrote on Hero of Lime Bro's profile.

The forums are so lost without the Hero of Lime to save us o.o

10/31/12 3:32pm
bigjoe91 wrote on Hero of Lime Bro's profile.

Thanks for the sub!

7/20/12 1:19pm
FrankHaggar wrote on Hero of Lime Bro's profile.

Yo i sended you a pm , would be great if you read it okay?

6/10/12 10:29am
g1 Retrospectives Update #1: Patching

g1 Retrospectives Update #1: Patching

After spending much time thinking,I decided to do some patching to g1 Retrospectives,Go and find out.
5/31/12 1:13pm

*Sighs* They just don't make cartoons as they did before

5/30/12 6:58pm

Gotta say soldiers,this Town Hall meeting was PRETTY disappointing :/

5/30/12 6:00pm

YO Army! 2 minutes till' the Town Hall Meeting!

5/29/12 3:34pm

So Army...Any E3 predictions?

5/28/12 4:47pm

19 subscribers...almost the double I had on V4.

5/26/12 12:15pm

AND NEW BACKGROUND! Thanks to Chaotic Meltdown again! :3

5/26/12 8:55am

New Banner! Thank Chaotic

5/25/12 3:51am
Lime's big reveal

Lime's big reveal

What is Lime planning this time!?for a project for g1 Features, Lime decides to do what almost everybody did,give a turn around to certain Screwattack Feature...
5/24/12 9:05pm

So hey army, I was thinking,and what do you think about the possibility of "Advantage" content for you guys?

5/24/12 11:40am

Anyway my question to you guys is: Should I Delete the other blog or keep them both?

5/24/12 11:39am

So Army here's what happened: Halfway done to my blog,I read a tweet from Jared saying the Unpublished checkmark glitch was gone, meaning that you COULD ACTUALLY SAVE A DRAFT,but it turned out, the glitch is still here.Now I know Zillas are working their asses off at making sure the fix that,but they didn't,meaning that I had to work twice for this blog.

5/24/12 11:33am
T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-TOP 10!!!:people you should subscribe!

T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-TOP 10!!!:people you should subscribe!

Lime Celebrates the Phase two of Screwattack by Making a Top Ten about people you should give your subscriginity!
5/24/12 10:26am
T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-TOP 10!!!: People you should subscribe!

T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-TOP 10!!!: People you should subscribe!

Let's celebrate everybody! Lime counts the top ten G1s you should give your subscribeginity! ;D
5/23/12 9:36am

How's the profile looking now army?

5/22/12 11:41pm

Sorry guys,didn't managed to finish the blog on time :/ Going to try to do it after the Haircut,that's all, Lime off ;)

5/22/12 8:21pm

So yeah...made my first banner on Gimp,is basic(VERY BASIC) but gotta start from something right?


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