Posted on 8/19/15 4:43pm

Not gonna lie. this birthday so far has sucked

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Posted on 8/17/15 7:37pm
Hero's Shade wrote on Homestucklover's profile.
Posted on 8/13/15 8:59am

You might wanna check your inbox :)

Posted on 8/9/15 5:15pm,100):origin()/pre04/da54/th/pre/i/2008/266/c/e/knuckles_kirby_by_pokered3.jpg

Posted on 7/24/15 3:40am

DK Calc: Bigger and MUCH FASTER

DK is faster than most Sonic characters....

Yoshirocks92 wrote on Homestucklover's profile.
Posted on 7/22/15 11:57pm

Hey there.

Posted on 7/16/15 5:23pm

hey man where you been

Posted on 7/12/15 7:20pm

R.I.P. Satori Iwata ) ;

Grand Blazer wrote on Homestucklover's profile.
Posted on 7/11/15 9:47pm

Someone seems excited for Monday.

Posted on 7/11/15 4:50am

so Sega just admitted they've wronged their fans. Does this mean I should expect anything from them? Eh, probably not. I expect them to still spam only Sonic games until they're bankrupt, but if they do end up doing finally doing shot right they may end up being known for having the largest comeback of all time.

Posted on 6/26/15 8:04pm

My Top 10 most wanted Death Battles

These are battles that will probably never happen but I'd like to see anyway

Posted on 6/24/15 8:49pm

*learns Splatoon lore* WHAT THE FUCK NINTENDO!? Can you go one game without making it so goddamn dark!?

Posted on 6/7/15 1:50pm

so Gamexplain predicted Earthbound will have a comeback at E3. if that happens, I'll cry. no joke. I'll literally cry.

Posted on 5/26/15 9:57pm

So in case anyone is readig this, I'm heavily considering making a prediction blog between Wario and Knuckles. If anyone wants to make it a collab, or you have valuable info please let me know!!!

Posted on 5/24/15 11:38am

So which Skullgirls a Character should I Do my next blog on, I'm between Ms. Fortune, Painwheel, and Squigly

Posted on 5/20/15 2:23am

Death Analysis: The Groovy Reporter from Space Channel 5, Starring Ulala! And Michael Jackson!!! wait. wut?

This is Ulala, reporting from the dangerous show where people are forced to fight to the death. What funky fresh moves would I bring to the table? Tune in to find out!

Posted on 5/17/15 2:52pm

Damn this new Ib look is boss!!!

Grand Blazer wrote on Homestucklover's profile.
Posted on 5/16/15 3:32pm
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