Posted on 12/29/15 7:50pm

Top 10 Games of 2015 including the Game of the year

2015 top 10 games and honourable mentions from what i have experienced through the course of the year.

Posted on 5/10/15 10:08am

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Review

Its my review on one amazing gaming adventure through the years that i witnessed while reading this book, its amazing and i want to share how i feel about the book with all of you.

Posted on 12/30/14 11:32pm

Game of the Year 2014

What a year it has been in gaming, alot of highs and lows throughout the gaming sector. Some suprises along the way and as well as some interesting additions to the family as well. This is the top 10 games for 2014 that i was able to play and a few that i attempted but never got around to finishing it as well. Sit back and enjoy the read.

Posted on 1/9/14 7:08am

Game of the Year 2013 Top 10

Game of the Year 2013 and what a year in gaming has it been. New consoles, new IP's and some awesome new games that have made an impact throughout the year. This is the Top 10 games for 2013 Hope you enjoy

Posted on 4/25/13 9:22am

Injustice Gods Among Us Review

Review of Injustice Gods among Us. This is it, the game that the people from Mortal Kombat created based on the DC Universe Characters.

Posted on 4/4/13 6:31pm

Good Bye Lucas Arts Productions

Lucas Arts production has had its plugged pulled out by Disney as they start cleaning and producing a new fresh slate for star wars goodies to come out of a new studio that they will create.

Posted on 4/4/13 4:17am

Injustice Gods Among Us Demo Review

The release of Injustice gods among us demo is out now for free for anyone that wants to get their hands on the game before purchasing the full game in stores on the 17th of April.

Posted on 4/2/13 8:08am

Gaming Reviews- Hitman TrilogyHD collection

Review on HItman Trilogy HD collection

Posted on 3/25/13 2:40am

Game of the Year 2012 Top 10

I tell my top 10 games of the year for 2012

Posted on 1/26/13 7:14am

Games completed throughout the year April 2012- StarCraft 2 and Devil May Cry HD collection

Basically talk about the games that i played for April, i had played only 2 games during this month, while also having some time to have a holiday and go overseas for some time. hope you enjoy it

Posted on 10/28/12 8:32am

Games and TV shows completed throughout the year March 2012 - Mass Effect 3

March 2012 that moment were alot of faithful RPG gamers around the world waited for the ending of one of the best series to date for the next generation consoles. Mass Effect 3, did it live up to the hype? we shall know now.

Posted on 10/22/12 7:10am

Games and TV shows completed throughout the year February 2012 - Playstation Vita, Young Justice season 1 and Game of Thrones season 1

Talk about the releases that i purchased in the month of February in the year 2012. Its been a while since i wrote i know but im gonna catch up to October as fast as i can.

Posted on 6/14/12 1:07am

Games and TV shows completed throughout the year January 2012 - Assassins Creed:Revelations

January the start of the gaming and tv show year for me. Im going to be writing about the shows and games that i have completed from the start of the year till now to give my point of view of the gaming world and tv shows that ive watched and played from Aus.I talk about Assasins Creed Revelations.

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