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Icipall's Wall

11/23/13 10:04am


5/11/13 3:14pm

I just watched Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki...I'M NOT CRYING!!! I just...couldn't control these weak alkaline fluids from flowing out of my tear ducts!!!

1/15/13 9:44am

Went to check my Youtube subscriptions. Noticed a new video of a short fight scene test of upcoming DragonBall Absalon Episode 2. Checked the comments. Full of people bitching and arguing about the Superman vs. Goku fight.

11/14/12 1:43am

Check this out: Bioware offering FREE copy of Mass Effect Trilogy for every Black Ops II buyer who got Mass Effect 2 on the second disk. http://blog.bioware.com/2012/11/13/were-answering-the-call/

10/3/12 3:24pm

I just watched The Expendables 2 for the first time. Best God damn 6 euros I've ever spent.

8/23/12 10:22am

PSP and Fate/Extra. I'm in Heaven

8/12/12 5:42am

Just got the chance to see Inception for the first time. Excellent movie but, *sigh*, did they really have to use the cheapest ending possible?