Posted on 8/8/13 11:29am

Hope SA's video player is a springboard to getting a better video player.

Posted on 1/14/13 8:12pm

I hate springboard

Posted on 11/21/12 2:12am

Got to xenoblade chronicles' final boss's second phase and died a few times and said forget this, I'm not gonna waste my time like I did with witch battle in the loung area, just to watch the twenty minute ending video. So I watched that on yt. It was ok. It's just so damned depressing, but I'll get back to that. I liked the fight, the world, the revelations, the part where they murdered your girlfriend-that was amazing, did not think they would go there and then they did! And there was blood on his claws! And it made me want to make him pay so much! That was awesome! Didn't like how the Mechon had that terrible voice, and then I really liked when I found out why he had that terrible voice, duh!

Posted on 11/21/12 2:11am

I'm still level g1, how do I level up around here???

Posted on 10/28/12 9:34pm

My 3DS Friend Code is 5456 - 0513 - 3293, add mine and send me yours if you want to swapnotes or play with, or against a friend in a game I might evertually get.

Posted on 7/14/12 12:22am

I forgot to mention in my review of Xenoblade Chronicles for Nintendo Club that one of the negatives in it was that you traveled too slowly for that size world, needed some hover boots, or something... But I had just expended all my energy ranting about Other M to them, so I was spent. Not the popular complaints, they don't bother me as much, cause it's still a great game...

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