Posted on 5/16/13 6:00pm

Miles Edgeworth and Trucy Wright return in Dual Destinies

Now give us Maya and Gumshoe and I'll be happy.

Posted on 3/13/13 1:00pm

Apollo Justice returning in Ace Attorney 5

He also totally has the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance look going for him...

Posted on 2/1/13 1:02pm

Sony possibly unveiling PlayStation 4 on February 20th and there will be rumors

Please don't be a peripheral....please don't be a peripheral...

Posted on 1/24/13 2:07pm
InterestingCathal posted a new show
Posted on 1/19/13 7:28pm


Entertainment show featuring video game stuff and stuff stuff.

Posted on 6/20/12 12:12pm

Metal Gear Solid 5 confirmed

And Solid Snake will return.

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