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    Name Travis Deubler been fans of games since the NES days but love all system not just one...Im also a uge movie fan curently own own over 1500 hundred and counting.When it comes to sports the only ones i like our...
  • cellslayer78

    Video Games (LOL), Retro Gaming, Doing Gymnastics (NOT GAY), attacking a walrus while riding a unicycle, directing videos, acting in videos, EDITING VIDEOS OF COURSE (MY FAVORITE HOBBY), I LOVE making comedy videos (...
  • Blackcowboy85

    28 years old, From Bornholm; Denmark and studying to become a teacher.
  • usedgamer

    I like to write blogs and make animations. http://blip.tv/fluffyproductions www.facebook.com/fluffyproductions
  • Prowler64

    I've recently graduated from University studying Computer Science. I'm a Nintendo guy who also likes Sonic and Banjo. I live in Australia. Stuff I do on ScrewAttack > What if Video Game Characters were Pokémon? - I...
  • Sasha Ketchum

    I'm just a gamer. I also make my own romhacks for that extra twist of fun. I love Pokemon, Zelda,Mario, sonic, all that. I'm also kind of starting to get into the TTS (Text-To-Speech) community. I WILL MAKE G1s CUSTOM...