FinalplayerRyu wrote on Jackal08's profile.
Posted on 10/18/12 9:11pm

Another recruit calling from beyond the grave

Pazapp wrote on Jackal08's profile.
Posted on 10/18/12 9:09pm

Hey, I died during Jared's XCOM stream today.

Jinzo wrote on Jackal08's profile.
Posted on 10/16/12 6:12pm

I was on Jared Xcom army, and died.

Posted on 6/1/12 11:58am

well beetlejuice vid its off the home page.. so pressure´s off... good! wait 800 views.. WTF! i rook away 800 minutes of life... hehe

Jackal08 posted a new video
Posted on 5/31/12 1:00pm

What Beetlejuice for the NES teaches us

Bad production is bad, worse acting ever is even worse... But awesome source material is awesome...

Jackal08 posted a new show
Posted on 5/29/12 4:37pm

ARG1 Craziness

All crazy stuff you want to see and much more you don't want to see.. just some insane people doing insane videos inspired by games played at screwing around by the staff. and challenge us to do even more crazy vids

Jackal08 posted a new blog article
Posted on 5/26/12 9:53pm

Are all G1s ready for the most insignificant thing ever!!

a new set of shows and craziness from the mystical land of Argentina in south america its coming and you don't even care about it!, don't worry that was expected, but prepare to be not too much impress. (at least i am realistic)

Posted on 5/22/12 3:55pm

that moment when you fav internet page updates and its awsome.. and you have a test tomorrow... damm

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