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All videos posted by JamesRonald

Final Fantasy 7 "J-E-N-O-V-A" Music Video // Epic Game Music

Posted on 9/20 | Show: Epic Game Music
Finally after almost 3 years of trolling I finally do a FF7 cover!

Epic Game Music Panel MAGFest 8.5

Posted on 9/17 | Show: Epic Game Music
Everyone who showed up had a blast! Find out why!

Pulp Fiction Theme "Misirlou" Guitar Cover // Epic Game Music

Posted on 9/2 | Show: Epic Game Music
Sit down with a Royale with cheese and enjoy the latest Epic Game Music.

The Blast Processors - We Ride (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Posted on 9/2
The Blast Processors are incredibly pleased to present our their first music video, "We Ride"!

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword "Ballad of the Goddess" // Epic Game Music

Posted on 8/30 | Show: Epic Game Music
Time to Skyward Strike up some Epic Game Music!

Chrono Trigger "Memories of Green" // Epic Game Music

Posted on 8/26 | Show: Epic Game Music
Probably the best looking episode of Epic Game Music yet!

Star Tropics "Dungeon Theme" // Epic Game Music

Posted on 8/22 | Show: Epic Game Music
Star Tropics is one of the most underrated NES games.

Hot Pepper Gaming // Epic James Gaming Moment

Posted on 8/18 | Show: Epic James Gaming Moment
Let's find about some interesting Hot Pepper Gaming facts!

Final Fantasty 4 Damcyan Castle // Epic Game Music

Posted on 8/15 | Show: Epic Game Music
One of my favourite tunes from Final Fantasy 4!