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Pokémon Title Theme featuring El Cid // Epic Game Music

Posted on 7/5 | Show: Epic Game Music
Thanks to El-Cid for doing the speed drawing for the Pokemon Cover!

Smash Bros. Melee Menu Music // Epic Game Music

Posted on 6/15 | Show: Epic Game Music
This weeks Epic Game Music is for fun and for glory!

Nintendo E3 2014 Overview | 3KB featuring Epic Game Music

Posted on 6/10 | Show: Epic Game Music
Jason from 3KB and Epic James from Epic Game Music breakdown how Nintendo did at this years E3

Mario Kart 8 Rainbow Road 64 // Epic Game Music

Posted on 5/31 | Show: Epic Game Music
Get Mario Kart Hype!

Music Monday: Sprite Doctors // Epic Game Music

Posted on 5/27 | Show: Pixel Splitter
This is from my Chiptune side project called Pixel Splitter.

Nostalgia Critic Theme // Epic Game Music

Posted on 5/24 | Show: Epic Game Music
I'm Epic Game Music. I play it so you don't have too.

Mario Kart Medley // Epic Game Music (Rewind 2012)

Posted on 5/20 | Show: Epic Game Music
With Mario Kart 8 coming up I thought we would take a look back to a Mario Kart Medley from 2012!

The Completionist Theme (8-bit Introduction by EliteFerrex) // Epic Game Music

Posted on 5/9 | Show: Epic Game Music
YouTuber Month kicks off with The Completionist theme!

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