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Jared's Wall

12/5/12 6:10pm
awesomepianoman wrote on Jared's profile.

just wondering, does Jared ever go on this profile site anymore? Still relive the "Ride the Scorpion" days once in a while. Time killer, yet it's so much fun to watch!

10/9/12 11:49am
BitCloud21 wrote on Jared's profile.

Jared, I don't comment a lot, but I wanted to say that I have always enjoyed your work here at ScrewAttack, from Control Issues with Adam to Newsroom with Lauren. They're all very well written and funny and make me confident that you will succeed with where ever your path takes you. You will be missed. The only good thing I can say about this occurring is that it let me find out about your YouTube channel and you once again created great content. It was an instant subscribe and I look forward to watching more of your work on YouTube. I hope to see you at SGC 2013. Good Luck.

10/8/12 11:47pm
fox.jedah wrote on Jared's profile.

jared...i know you said you go to do projects and stuff...but tell the truth here...you are running away from elmo...you'll be missed every thursday...a big macho-heterosexual hug from chile.

10/6/12 9:44pm
monster_hunter_Master wrote on Jared's profile.

btw. poor revulsive

10/6/12 9:43pm
monster_hunter_Master wrote on Jared's profile.

fairwell fellow monster hunter. watch out for those jaggi

10/5/12 5:54pm
Riolu wrote on Jared's profile.

Hi Jared. I know you're a big RPG fan. Can you recommend any good modern RPG/Action RPG for me? I love Classic RPGs like Chrono Trigger, but I want to try something new. Among modern consoles, I have a PS3, Wii, and 3DS.

10/5/12 12:18am
Anti_Hipster wrote on Jared's profile.

I'll send you a private message as well, but I just want to make sure you get this. You obviously are aware of my criticisms of you. While people should be allowed to offer constructive criticism, I took that too far and my criticism was often not constructive and usually descended into douchey nastiness. I've made a lot of steps towards maturity the past months/year and I realize what a jerk I was. You have a lot of balls to put your content and face out in the public and being a coward, I hid behind anonymity and attacked you. You never responded with mean-ness, but rather calmly told me off and moved on with your day. You came out looking like the better person because of it. I just want to say that I'm very sorry for throwing out attacks at you for whatever reason. I wish you the best moving forward.

10/4/12 8:41pm
Ijimero wrote on Jared's profile.

screwattack won't be the same without you... you were my favorite on the crew... =/ it's hard to continue to visit screwattack without you...

10/4/12 3:21pm
Retro Gamer Shaun wrote on Jared's profile.

it is sad to see you go Jared as i will miss you but best of luck at your new projects

10/3/12 2:21pm
NODlike wrote on Jared's profile.

While it is sad to see you go and you will be missed, I wish you the best of luck in your new projects. FPS = First Person Soldiers!

10/3/12 2:14pm
MaxusFox23 wrote on Jared's profile.

Stupid college, making me miss all the news here >:( ! I'm sure gonna miss you Jared. You always made me laugh, even when I didn't want to. Good luck with anything you wanna do from now on, we'll all be waiting for you if you ever decide to pass by. One word of advice: be careful with any Teletubbie out there.

10/3/12 1:46pm
Ultra SuperNova wrote on Jared's profile.

No Jared. Thank you for everything! I'll miss seeing you doing Hard News, Newsroom, and Terrible Thursdays. Good luck at your future projects and I hope you'll come back someday!

10/3/12 10:53am
josh813 wrote on Jared's profile.

are you still going to finish beatlejuice with chad?

10/3/12 12:19am
LX21 wrote on Jared's profile.


10/2/12 6:56pm
AngelCam7 wrote on Jared's profile.

Just heard about you leaving, Jared. Major bombshell... But these things happen... I wish ya all the awesomeness in your future projects and I hope to see you on the next Mario Party After Dark. #TeamJared.

10/2/12 6:33pm
Eyres wrote on Jared's profile.

Jared, you were and always will be my favorite in the Screwattack family. I'm looking so forward to your new projects, and i'm glad to know I won't have to say I'll miss you. So good luck man. Oh, and I did always want to say I got into Jack's pizza because of sidescrollers. So thanks for that!

10/2/12 4:36pm
Elmo. wrote on Jared's profile.

You'll be evidently missed. You way of casually throwing humor in the mix has been my main reason for checking out most of the content here. It has been clear the last past months that you found your way with promoting yourself and I wish you the best of luck with getting the well-deserved attention on for example your proreviews. The informative reviews, sarcastic sidescroller faces, well constructed newsroom episodes, and funny hard news puns will be remembered as well as missed, but like everyone I still wish you the best of luck.

10/2/12 3:28pm
marko493 wrote on Jared's profile.

Hope you do well with your future projects and all that you want to do Jared. I've subscribed to your channel so that I can keep up and support everything you do. You were honestly my favourite ScrewAttack employee, you shall be missed. You're awesome.

10/2/12 1:44pm
nagashi375 wrote on Jared's profile.

Jared wow, it's sad to see you go. Terrible Thursday, Hard News, Newsroom, Sidescrollers, and Mario Party will NEVER be the same. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.

10/2/12 1:24pm
Yet-Another Productions wrote on Jared's profile.

I'm guessing... No More Terrible Thursday? (i liked that segment of screwin' around) No Predator 2, No Beetlejuice completion. It's going to be a sad thursday without the duo.