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Jasper Kazai's Wall

10/7/13 12:02pm

Making a Top 10 list of your own blogs seems highly egotistical.

9/21/13 10:01am

I have no interest in the AVGN game. That type of game bores the shit out of me. I'm also bad at them, so it's a double whammy of uninterest.

5/1/13 4:17pm

Kind of weird to stream your wedding, but ok, whatever...

4/8/13 1:46pm

That "huge announcement" was really lame. I doubt I will care to play the AVGN Game.

1/24/13 7:47pm

Well, it looks like I may be done with SideScrollers. Ever since they switched to video, I've been slowly getting more annoyed with it. And now that Jared is gone, I really just don't care about it anymore. I want to listen to my podcasts in audio form, and while SS still provides that, they are so heavily dependant on visual things that you lose a lot by just listening to it. I have no desire to watch a 45 min video of something that really should just be audio.

1/11/13 9:19am

I'm probably one of the only people on this site that doesn't give a flying fuck about Death Battle. I think it's stupid.

12/6/12 12:36am

Well, that's another ScrewAttack feature I won't have to bother watching. That was... really, really stupid.

11/1/12 8:13am

I love how people constantly bitch about the video player. I've never had a SINGLE issue with it since SA has started using it. It's clearly a problem on the user's end, but they refuse to accept that and just complain about it.

10/24/12 11:47pm
Garanikor wrote on Jasper Kazai's profile.

Hey, I replied to a comment you made then I made a regular comment, but the website just posted them both as replies to you. Just letting you know so you don't get confused when looking through your notifications... I wish this damn site would stop doing that.

9/27/12 4:52pm

You'd think that the validation bug with the poll would've been fixed by now. I think I've been able to vote in all of 2 polls because of it. Good shit.

8/25/12 8:23am

I am honestly surprised that the SGC kickstarter succeeded. I never thought it would work, especially when it was 50k short in the last 30 hours. Very surprised.

8/21/12 4:54pm
The Turrican Puyo wrote on Jasper Kazai's profile.

waitwait WHAT? Kazai? I actually know a webcomic character with your name, if that's your real name...


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