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javiGoN's Subscribers

  • Bryan

    What's up everybody, welcome to ScrewAttack. I'm the Community and Promotions Manager here at SA and I do...stuff. Seriously, people ask what I do and the list is so long it's more than people thought it was going to be.
  • Sean Hinz

    This section is kind of awkward. I need to write some interesting, but not bore you with my life story. Let's "get down to brass tacks", we all like video games. If you are down to play, feel free to hit me up...
  • Ben Singer

    I joined ScrewAttack back in my high school years, and have been studying film since the age of 10. My first video game was Sonic the Hedgehog... on the PC, of all things. At ScrewAttack I direct, write, edit, and...
  • Chad

    My name is Chad James, Brand Manager for ScrewAttack and commissioner for the Iron-Man of Gaming. I do some show writing (usually for Clip of the Week), Host Hard News, co-host SideScrollers, co-write DEATH BATTLE! and...
  • Woodyman

    g1 of the Year 2011 Creator of g1 Spotlight, Literary Luminary, Titanium Man of Flash Gaming, Cartoon Collab (name pending), and a new g1 run WTF Is That? Writer of awesome Top 10s, Reviews, and Video Game Poetry
  • Kazman2007

    Hey, g1 Kazman2007 here. There's not much to say about me really, I like gaming, I like reading about new games, and I like watching videos about gaming. I play all kinds of games but my favorites are Adventure games...
  • Mel Rains

    Professional Graphic Designer I love drawing things from video games, comics, movies, and I love being a part of the SA Community. While I haven't always been the most active I've been here since 2007. I saw the...
  • Mcgunn

    Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PortalOfAwesome ScrewAttack: The Game. Your Ideas. My blood sweat and tears: http://forums.screwattack.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16347 Also Check out The Portal of...
  • Janos

    Just a friendly guy who loves video games. Nothing much to say really.
  • SM3Carnage

    I'm a Swedish teenage nerd who loves video games and comic books. My favorite comic book character is Spider-Man. My favorite movie is Toy Story. My favorite comic book movie is Lucky Luke. My favorite video game genre...
  • MadHero15

    Current Head-honcho of G1 Features, and host of stuff such as At the Screwvies and G1 Previews (all of which is on g1 Features). G1 since 2009. *insert current pop culture reference here*
  • NODlike

    What up, g1s? We are here for video games and that has been a hobby of mine since I got a 2600 when I was 6. I like most nerd things besides video games, but I also follow most sports to some degree. Producing...
  • darkhyrulelord

    I am the true conqueror of games and I am the ultimate KING OF EVIL! MWAHAHAHAAA!!! Become my minion as I venture on a quest for ultimate power in ScrewAttack and to conquer all games in the multiverse!
  • Mach5Mike

    If you're reading this, then hello there, I'm Mach5Mike (or Mike for short), a fun-loving, energetic, and definitely abnormal person! I've been a daily visitor of ScrewAttack since 2008, though I didn't become g1 until...
  • KataWolf

    Proud gamer and g1, not-so-proud mexican. Do people really read this crap?

    Just like most people here, I am a wise gamer.
  • Fezzdogg

    Hi my name is Chris but my mates call me Fezz.. I am 22 years old and have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I've been gaming since I was 4 and my first ever game that i played was Highway on the Atari. Gaming is a huge part...
  • okilla713

    I'm a nerd/geek/and giant GAMER i love all....most games, and love screwattack. Been a G1 since 09.The first game i ever played was ultimate mortal kombat 3 at age 5 for freaking Sega genesis! lol FATALITY at that age...
  • Walter the Awesome.

    Hi I'm Walter, WalterTheAwesome!! Just some Cool Black Guy who love to play Video Games, Watch Wrestling, and Eat Pizza. Yum. Been on this site since 2008 and still trunking with til Da end. =D Twitter: @...
  • missRPGenius

    Buttholes & Swapnote. For a terrible time, add me on 3DS: 2062-9781-6938 I make jewelry out of video games: Reset Buttons Twitter: @missRPGenius