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Frozen Vs. The Complaints

Posted 20 weeks ago on 6/3
Has this movie truly been overblown or is this another case of the internet bitching? Don't answer that question, that's why I'm here.

Top 10 Batman Movies

Posted 21 weeks ago on 5/21
In honor of his 75th Anniversary, I chose my favorite movies about the Dark Knight and the city he protects, so let's see which movie is the ultimate Batman movie.

What's The Difference: Super Paper Mario Vs. Sticker Star

Posted 34 weeks ago on 2/25 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
Which is better? Which is worse? No one's opinion is wrong... Right?

Top 10 Disney Songs

Posted 36 weeks ago on 2/10
This is the last Disney blog i'm making, I SWEAR!

Top 10 Disney Female Characters

Posted 40 weeks ago on 1/9
Who's among the best in the House of Mouse?

Media’s views on female characters and viewers.

Posted 44 weeks ago on 12/16
Cartoon executives’ bullshit continues and one animators view on animating women.

Top 10 Disney Movies

Posted 47 weeks ago on 11/25
Which film from the House of Mouse is on here?

Gamers Hypocrisy on Nintendo IPs

Posted 1 year ago on 8/28
The relationship between Nintendo and gamers is a two way street, which is easy to forget sometimes.

Caption Time: The captions, they do NOTHING!

Posted 1 year ago on 8/15
Bringing you the best gifs from teh internets!

Caption Time: Bonus Gif Edition

Posted 1 year ago on 8/5
Yeah yeah, I know it's Jiff or whatever, but it's stupid!