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Jennero Rossi's Subscribers

  • Baleoce

    I'm from Hereford in the UK. I have a huge love for video-game music and hope to one day be part of a touring orchestra that gets to play a lot of the game music repertoire. I'm a flautist by profession, and also a...
  • Mach5Mike

    If you're reading this, then hello there, I'm Mach5Mike (or Mike for short), a fun-loving, energetic, and definitely abnormal person! I've been a daily visitor of ScrewAttack since 2008, though I didn't become g1 until...
  • Icipall

    I'm a Finnish geek who loves videogames, boardgames and TCGs. I mostly play only single player content, since I SUCK at multiplayer(aside from co-op and kart racing). LONG LIVE FINLAND!
  • Kassiate

    I have been watching Screwattack for along time but only recently register. Spending alot of time right now on fixing up my house and trying to See a Short story/Novelized play video game parody become a reality. I was...
  • Lipnox88

    Currently Playing: Mario Tennis Open, Ninja Gaiden 3, Kid Icarus, and SSX.
  • Mothfox

    Just a typical british video game player though i am a fan of anime and super sentai also kamen rider so im open to most things but style is not one of them
  • BizarroZoraK

    Hello there. I'm new to Screwattack, and even newer to the blog writing/video posting scene. I have aspirations to work as a videogame journalist/blogger in the future, so I figured I should start a blog somewhere to...