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Jesia's Wall

3/18/14 6:19am

I should make a new blog >.>

3/18/14 1:46am
Shiznita wrote on Jesia's profile.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Jesia!

6/20/13 10:30pm
Jesia posted a new blog article
Jesla's drawings part V

Jesla's drawings part V

Art projects and a Jawa costume!
2/1/13 3:49pm
ScrewAttackSam wrote on Jesia's profile.

i think i check your page like every other day to see if your've drawn anything new, i can't wait to see these jackie chan attacking sloths being ambushed by freddie mercury and a band of rescue ferrets.

12/18/12 7:02pm
Jesia posted a new blog article
Drawings! Part IV

Drawings! Part IV

Well I'm back again. Here with a random doodle, Mario and Luigi solving a weird mystery, some Team Europe goodness and of course a Mass Effect portrait.
7/5/12 9:56pm
Shinx wrote on Jesia's profile.

Jesiaaaaaa (=

6/22/12 6:24pm
Jesia posted a new blog article


Just some Drawings i wanted to share with you guys.

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