Posted on 9/9/14 12:35am


Posted on 3/11/14 3:25pm

Chilling out with Dark Souls II after a long, stressful day at work. Oh wait...

logicallydashing wrote on JinjaBredMan's profile.
Posted on 4/17/13 10:18pm

Thanks for following!

Posted on 4/16/13 2:28am

Just finished Bioshock: Infinite 3 days after getting it... my mind's a lil blown now

Posted on 4/6/13 11:10pm

NES: The Next Generation

4 Buttons and a D-Pad

Posted on 6/2/12 2:49am

My New Favorite Thing EVAR This Week Maybe

I wonder how many times this will be Game of Thrones related...

Icipall wrote on JinjaBredMan's profile.
Posted on 5/30/12 11:29am

Thanks for the sub.

Posted on 5/29/12 5:21pm

Thx to all for subscribing... check out my old blogs and hopefully I'll get some new stuff coming up. Have a few ideas so stay posted.

Posted on 5/29/12 4:11pm

definitely broke the internet a lil bit from the Tuesday Screwin' Around sub-frenzy

Posted on 5/23/12 3:12am

Finally can go back to feeding the g1 addiction!

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