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Mass Effect 2 and The Story That Never Will (Part 2)

Posted 2 weeks ago on 4/4
The title will make sense.

Sony and Nintendo Finally Release the SNES PlayStation

Posted 2 weeks ago on 4/1
What you are reading is acturally, probably true. And you won't beleive where it's going.

Mass Effect 2: and the Cast of a Thousand Names (Part 1)

Posted 14 weeks ago on 1/7
Follow me as I take a look at the characters of Mass Effect 2.

Top Five IP’s of the 7th Console Generation

Posted 15 weeks ago on 12/30 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
Today we look at the best the 7th consoles generation had to offer.

Letter to Dan

Posted 17 weeks ago on 12/16
Today is the day Dan finally gets his letter.

How Too Change an Industry

Posted 18 weeks ago on 12/9
Today I'm going to talk about the gaming industry.

JoeShadowMan’s Top Five Worst Games: Or Why You Will Completely Hate This List

Posted 29 weeks ago on 9/26
I don't really have much to say outside of the title.

The State Of Gamers: Or Why Videgames Are Just Games

Posted 29 weeks ago on 9/23
I think something has to be said about a certian subject.

Capcom only has $152 million in the bank

Posted 30 weeks ago on 9/16 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
This could be a problem for them.

Mass Effect: Look at all the Glowing Things (Part 3)

Posted 41 weeks ago on 6/29
Come see the all of what I have to say about he gameplay of Mass Effect 1.

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