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Posted on 3/18/14 12:51am


Posted on 1/11/13 3:28am

Really, Death Battle was good. Speaking as a fan of both characters, I believe both got justice.

Posted on 11/7/12 12:42am

I'm happy.

Posted on 10/2/12 1:11am

Jared D:

Posted on 10/1/12 11:38am

Continue on Screwattack? Forget it. Best thing ever.

Posted on 9/27/12 11:46pm

Guys, I took part in a blog that's actually good!

Posted on 9/19/12 10:12pm

Anybody else not getting SHIT done because Borderlands?

Posted on 8/29/12 10:25pm

Hurm. Forums need to get better servers or whatever it is that keeps causing these problems

Posted on 8/4/12 12:55am

Forums ain't foruming.

Posted on 8/2/12 3:23am

Wai teh forums no working?

Posted on 7/18/12 12:44pm

Haven't been on the mainsite in forever. Anybody wanna update me on happenings & such?

Posted on 6/16/12 3:54am

Just noticed that notifications are working again.... I think...

Posted on 6/3/12 3:42am

Not getting any notifications. Uncool.

Posted on 6/3/12 12:52am

Johnny Reviews! - Toonami Followup!

Last week I took a look at the entire programming block of Toonami and gave my thoughts and impressions. Let's see if my first impressions hold up!

Posted on 6/1/12 12:42am

Hey guys, would you read another Toonami review? I wasn't really planning on turning that into a long running thing, but since I'll be watching it I figured I could share if you're interested.

Posted on 5/28/12 7:50pm

How many bad calls does a ref have to make before he himself is ejected from a game?

Posted on 5/28/12 12:07pm

getting some sweet blog headers made. the one I got for reviews looks AWESOME

Posted on 5/28/12 3:51am

Anticipate more blogs soon. The first one was great fun and I got a great amount of feedback.

Posted on 5/27/12 5:26am

Johnny Reviews! - Toonami! (mild spoilers)

Toonami! For the first time in years, I got to see Tom walk down that little platform and sit down at that glorious chair. SO! Read this collection of words to see what I thought about it.

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