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joshieofcourse's Subscribers

  • Bryan

    What's up everybody, welcome to ScrewAttack. I'm the Community and Promotions Manager here at SA and I do...stuff. Seriously, people ask what I do and the list is so long it's more than people thought it was going to be.
  • Woodyman

    g1 of the Year 2011 Creator of g1 Spotlight, Literary Luminary, Titanium Man of Flash Gaming, Cartoon Collab (name pending), and a new g1 run WTF Is That? Writer of awesome Top 10s, Reviews, and Video Game Poetry
  • joeshadowman

    When I know you'll know.
  • screamqueen3110

    i'm a jewellery designer with my own home business @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bensam-Designs/262501907097724 i also like tattoos and have actually tattooed myself and a few other people. i also love games and...
  • ReturnofFable

    Born out of the fires of adversity, Fable is an alias for Josh Sanchez, a college Sophomore studying Journalism at the University of North Florida. Josh has been playing video games since his brothers made him play A...

    Just like most people here, I am a wise gamer.
  • Master Dimentio

    I'm an irish demon jester. I consider Nintendo the best gaming company, followed closely by Valve. My favourite games ever are Super Paper Mario, Minecraft, Mother 3, the Metroid Prime Trilogy, andLoZ: Spirit Tracks. I...
  • Resident Fantasy VII

    My name is Alex Brown ive been a gamer ever since I first got my nintendo entertainment system and pretty much never stopped. The first game I ever got into was the Final Fantasy series and fell in love with story...
  • Retro_Rob

    My name is Rob and I am the Creator and Host of Retro Hunters. http://theretrohunters.com/ http://www.facebook.com/RetroHunters http://www.youtube.com/user/RetroHunters
  • shindo 25

    I'm a canadian who is a sucker for good games n funny comedy
  • Agilen

    Tweets by @Agilen_ Agilen's Stream My name is Egill and I'm a Icelandic gamer who grew up playing games in the late 80s and through the 90s. I enjoy all kinds of different games from old retro games to the latest AAA...
  • EuphioEich

    I'm Alex! Video game design major from Chicago! I host G1 League of Legends Nights with Sam and Chad once a month! I also will not be writing any more blogs onto Screwattack since I am a writer for Rantgaming.com
  • Cyclone Plex

    In the vast wasteland that is the internet a lone voice cries out from the void “Do I look like a fucking people person?!!!?

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