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0 | Last Updated: 12/31/69 7:00pm
JRokujuushi does a video blog thing. He's not very good at it. 6/21/13 EDIT - that's why he took it all down.

J64 Mixes

13 | Last Updated: 3/11/14 1:00pm
Video game arrangements in a variety of styles.

J64 Originals

14 | Last Updated: 10/9/12 12:45am
Original music composed and produced by JRokujuushi.

ScrewAttack Classics

Beat That Soulja Boy Rap

Made popular in 2008

ScrewAttack's Hallow...

Made popular in 2012

CAM_2 FILE# P406135

Made popular in 2010

E3 2011 - The Possessed M...

Made popular in 2011

Talking Classics - Neo Ge...

Made popular in 2009