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All videos posted by JRokujuushi

J64 Mix presents Rainbow Road 71 X for the pleasure of your ears

Posted on 3/11 | Show: J64 Mixes
Rock-style arrangement combining elements of the Rainbow Road themes from Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 64, and F-Zero X.

Sonic Adventure camera discovery

Posted on 11/12
Perhaps the game's camera issues have something to do with this...

J64 Mix - Final Fantasy Halloween Medley

Posted on 10/31 | Show: J64 Mixes
A collection of Final Fantasy songs played on pipe organ for that Halloweeny sound.

J64 Mix - Sonic Adventure - Pleasure Castle

Posted on 10/21 | Show: J64 Mixes
My attempt at a modern-style Generations arrangement of Pleasure Castle.


Posted on 10/9 | Show: J64 Originals
Basic rock track.

Ambient Choir

Posted on 10/8 | Show: J64 Originals
A mellow choral piece.

J64 Mix - Symphony of the Night - Prologue

Posted on 8/12 | Show: J64 Mixes
That rockin' intro stage tune where you play as Richter.

J64 Mix - Pokemon - Title Theme

Posted on 8/1 | Show: J64 Mixes
Because they blew it in SSB Brawl, I made the Pokemon title theme ROCK.

J64 Original - Simple Strings

Posted on 7/24 | Show: J64 Originals
A simple string ensemble.

J64 Collaborates - Storm Dain Intro & Outro

Posted on 7/24 | Show: J64 Originals
The awesome Storm Dain asked me to make him some new intro and outro music. This is the result!