Posted on 3/11/13 7:31pm

VGM Styles: Which theme should be more impacting, Boss or Rival?

Cause we all know facing Unlimited Hazama has to sound different compared to facing Wally from Pokemon.

Posted on 1/13/13 10:00pm

While I was listening to Teddie's theme in Persona 4 Arena, all I saw in the comments were bear puns... boy those few minutes are great.

Posted on 12/21/12 9:35pm

So I'm going to get this out of my system right now... TEAM SAM IS GOING TO REIGN CHAMPION ONCE AGAIN WHILE THE OTHERS BOW TO HIS SWAG. Ah, feel better now.

Posted on 12/16/12 4:20pm

Come watch Malicelast "Yoshi killer" play SMB Wii U. http://www.screwattack.com/video/Malices-surprise-after-Wii-U-Stream-goo...

Posted on 11/25/12 12:55am

So after basically playing Guilty Gear XXAC+, I've learned three things. 1: A lot of people play as Ky or Sol. 2: I'm addicted to the game and 3: People get caught off-guard when I play as A.B.A

Posted on 11/23/12 3:19pm

I got Reccatear today with the Steam sale soooooooo don't expect much from me writing-wise if I get addicted (which I probably will).

Posted on 11/22/12 7:53pm

Been playing though Dark Cloud 2 again today..... I hate fishing with a passion now.

Posted on 11/9/12 10:05pm

I'm showing my expertise once again at Ask the Expert, go see it please. http://www.screwattack.com/news/ask-experts-abe-lincoln-and-brain

Posted on 11/6/12 7:06pm

VGM Styles: Be Carefree like the Wind… Or a Nightclub

It has Toakaka as the thumbnail picture so this video game music has to be joyful and crazy, right?

Posted on 11/5/12 7:32pm

Next VGM Styles Blog should be coming this week (maybe Tomorrow...) but the only hint I will give you is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAnZNxToS6o .

Posted on 11/3/12 8:33pm

Finally got the Ruby's Mobius Ring and Osmand's SuperNova in Dark Cloud, I'm felling closer to being the god of destruction in that game.

Posted on 10/31/12 10:15pm

VGM Styles: The Tinker and Chime Effect

Those old jewelry box tunes probably didn't mess with you're head as much as these did.

Posted on 10/5/12 12:20am

Hey g1s. Sorry that I've not posted a blog in a while b/c I've been busy and right now I'm at a conference in Arizona (so different from New York). However, my next blog is going to be about carefree themes in fighters and will hopefully be up be next week. Until then, See y'all.

Posted on 9/29/12 10:00pm

Got to play Virtua Fighter 4 for the first time in several years and I've forgot that a 13 stage + bonus stage arcade mode ever existed until now.

Posted on 9/22/12 12:35pm

I CAN"T BELIEVE IT! I actually found my family's copy of Super Mario World. I haven't seen this cartridge for ages.

scorpion158 wrote on KabalsUmbreon180's profile.
Posted on 9/20/12 2:57am

hey nice name, i am also a big mk and pokemon fan since i can remember ,well just wanna say hi ,take care

CaztheGamerGuy wrote on KabalsUmbreon180's profile.
Posted on 9/18/12 11:03am

Thanks for subscribing, I really appreciate it :) If you have a suggestion for the show, you can send it to cazthegamerguy@hotmail.com, i'd be happy to give it a shot. - Caz

Posted on 9/16/12 7:51pm

Hi guys. Sorry that I haven't been able to post a blog for a couple of week since well, I had to go back to school like many other people. I've finished with the Top 10 Pokemon dangers blog and that should be posted by tomorrow. To finish this, here is General Derpy from Dark Cloud. http://lparchive.org/Dark-Cloud/Update%2015/12-90966dc368.jpg

Posted on 9/6/12 7:43pm

Nothing's better than going through a school hallway at while listening to Action Adventure RPG music. Makes it feel like you're going through a dungeon filled with chaos.

pandaraph wrote on KabalsUmbreon180's profile.
Posted on 9/5/12 11:47pm

thanks for da sexy subcribe :D

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