Posted on 12/16/14 9:35pm

Final Fantasy 13-2 Does it really suck?

Does 13-2 suck like the majority of the net wants us to believe?

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Posted on 12/4/14 3:53am

Supernatural Time Ep. 1 "I've been Supernaturaled"

For some reason I keep saying AM when it was PM in this video guess I was a bit shaken after the fact

Posted on 12/1/14 3:14am

Why you should play Assassin's Creed Rogue!

Become a Master Templar today!

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Posted on 11/14/14 10:12pm

My Destiny Lv 29 Warlock stats as of November 14th

2 Pieces of Raid Gear, a Raid Sniper Rifle and Atheon's Epilogue!

Posted on 11/10/14 9:11am
Kaibaman41 posted a new video
Posted on 10/20/14 7:21pm

Destiny my level 28(29) Vault of Glass completed Warlock

Although level 29 now in this vid I show my stats at the time I made this vid on October 20th

Posted on 10/13/14 5:32pm

Marvel brings sequels to two Story Archs next year

We will get a new Secret Wars and,,,,,a new Civil War the hell?

Posted on 10/9/14 8:21pm

The Phoenix Wright Trilogy launches to the eShop in December......

You.....have got to be kidding......THEIR IS NO EXCUSE AS TO WHY WE SHOULD WAIT

Posted on 9/30/14 9:55am

Are Purists ruining franchises?(Sometimes) going to be a controversial topic

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Posted on 9/30/14 2:06am

Destiny[Tower] Queen Emmisary Dead Ghost Location

I show where you can get another Ghost in The Tower in Destiny

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Posted on 9/25/14 4:20pm

Bungie Nerfs The Loot Cave RANT


Posted on 9/24/14 3:17am

My review of Destiny

Destined for greatness or failure? Here are my thoughts on the most hyped game of 2014

Posted on 9/14/14 5:01pm
Kaibaman41 posted a new video
Posted on 9/10/14 11:03pm

Final Fantasy VII Kaibaman41 Vs Ruby Weapon

In the early morning of September 10th I face Ruby Weapon......and confusion happened

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Posted on 9/8/14 10:04pm

Final Fantasy VII Kaibaman41 Vs Emerald Weapon

On September 8th I face one of my biggest Rivals in my gaming career

Posted on 9/1/14 5:25am

Fan Project Sonic 2 HD is back!

This I didn't see coming but I'm glad it's back

Posted on 8/28/14 8:42pm

The Doctor lands into Minecraft

Well this was a surprise!

Posted on 8/26/14 12:00pm

Capcom becomes Patent trolls and sues Koei Tecmo for rediculous reasons

We've dealt threw a lot of bull shit from Capcom......but This is...THE LAST STRAW

Posted on 8/25/14 4:39pm

Amazon has bought Twitch.TV

Nobody....saw this coming

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