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It will soon be legal to unlock your cell phones again

Posted 2 days ago on 7/29
This came out of no where in congress...but who cares this is awesome!

Final Fantasy VII Steam review

Posted 3 days ago on 7/27

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger comes to North America

Posted 3 days ago on 7/27
I....did not see this one coming at all!

Destiny's Beta is now open to the public on every platform

Posted 6 days ago on 7/24
Download it now!

Sword Art Online Vs .Hack review

Posted 1 week ago on 7/20
I had no idea what to fully call this sooooo yeah

Ever wonder if Samus's pose in Smash Bros 4 seems familiar?

Posted 1 week ago on 7/18
I've wanted to do this blog since Samus's reveal in Smash Bros 4

Free to Play Reviews: Star Wars The Old Republic

Posted 3 weeks ago on 7/9
The force is strong with this one....but also a disturbance I feel

Tales of the World Reve Unita stays in Japan?

Posted 8 weeks ago on 6/3
Just when you thought Bandai Namco was finally open on releasing their RPGs outside Japan..

Funimation to release Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods to North American movie theaters

Posted 8 weeks ago on 6/3 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
That means Canada is getting it too!

Ok Cartoon Network enough is enough STOP AIRING COWBOY BEBOP!

Posted 9 weeks ago on 5/25
Here me out I love this anime as the next guy but this is insane

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