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Marvel brings sequels to two Story Archs next year

Posted 1 week ago on 10/13
We will get a new Secret Wars and,,,,,a new Civil War the hell?

The Phoenix Wright Trilogy launches to the eShop in December......

Posted 2 weeks ago on 10/9
You.....have got to be kidding......THEIR IS NO EXCUSE AS TO WHY WE SHOULD WAIT

Are Purists ruining franchises?(Sometimes)

Posted 3 weeks ago on 9/30
This.....is going to be a controversial topic

My review of Destiny

Posted 4 weeks ago on 9/24
Destined for greatness or failure? Here are my thoughts on the most hyped game of 2014

Upcoming Pokemon Gamestop Event will give us access to Diancie

Posted 5 weeks ago on 9/14
Its about damn time in my opinion

Fan Project Sonic 2 HD is back!

Posted 7 weeks ago on 9/1
This I didn't see coming but I'm glad it's back

The Doctor lands into Minecraft

Posted 8 weeks ago on 8/28
Well this was a surprise!

Capcom becomes Patent trolls and sues Koei Tecmo for rediculous reasons

Posted 8 weeks ago on 8/26
We've dealt threw a lot of bull shit from Capcom......but This is...THE LAST STRAW

Amazon has bought Twitch.TV

Posted 8 weeks ago on 8/25
Nobody....saw this coming

Twitch now has Content ID?......What the!?

Posted 11 weeks ago on 8/7
It now appears Google buying Twitch is indeed true.....