• Kalava

      Mike Tyson has yet another challenger!

      4 years ago

      Craig isn't the only one who thinks Mike Tyson is his mortal enemy. For so long I have been taunted by him, I  was never able to beat him. My friends had no faith in me. That all changed today. Sorry for the bad quality, I had to use 3DS camera. It also accidentally moved a bit  right before filming.


      That is all.

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    I'm a 20 years old finnish G1, who is really fond of retro games. Probably a little bit Nintendo fanboy, although I enjoy other platforms too. I've been around on Screwattack since... Well, I think Salsa Challenge was one of the first videos I saw when I found the site. And of course, even before that, a long time fan of SA's Gametrailers content.

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