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XSplit tutorial on how to do a 'transparent chat' overlay on Twitch.TV!

Posted on 9/4
Tutorial on how to do a 'transparent chat' overlay on Twitch.TV through XSplit!

First 'Hitman: Absolution' Animation Parody Surfaces!

Posted on 8/22
The very talented animator 'HarryPartridge' strikes again with an ingenious & well-thought out parody of the new Hitman game 'Hitman: Absolution'.

Check out a new Dreamcast game called Gun Lord

Posted on 6/28
The Dreamcast lives on... With a new game! Super Metroid's & Mega/Super Turrican's Love Child = Gun Lord!

My EVO moment (Made-up #) on SoulCalibur V!

Posted on 5/29
My Evo Moment of a Tale of Souls & Swords Eternally Retold!

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