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10/25/12 9:02pm
Gaijin Goombah wrote on KataWolf's profile.

Thanks muchly!

9/22/12 7:33pm

I have just realized that I seriously suck at Jet Set Radio -.-

9/5/12 1:43pm
ScrewAttackSam wrote on KataWolf's profile.

Hey i watched your videos good stuff buddy.

9/5/12 1:07pm
Branch wrote on KataWolf's profile.

If you still haven't got your advantage yet try e-mailing Sam about it Sam@screwattack.com

8/30/12 4:55pm
KataWolf posted a new video

To Sam and Nick - A "reply" to this week's "Roulette" Tuesday

Sam and Nick went through hell for a guy they don't even know. This is that guy's reply =P
8/27/12 10:42pm
KataWolf posted a new video

My first time playing Slender

Just my first time playing Slender. And the first time I record my voice for anything.
8/18/12 1:38pm
KataWolf posted a new blog article
Ghost Recon Online - Game Review

Ghost Recon Online - Game Review

Ubisoft's new free to play shooter is finally out for everyone to play. Is it any good?