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All Blog Entries Posted by Kenshiro3

iOS REVIEW: Double Dragon (iPhone/iPod)

Posted 1 year ago on 12/5
Is this remake for the iPhone made of Double Awesome or iFail? Find out in my first ever iOS Review!

Is Alucard Really in Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2?

Posted 2 years ago on 6/2
Is that really Alucard in the Lords of Shadow 2 Trailer?

E3 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Debut Trailer

Posted 2 years ago on 6/1
Straight from E3, Drac is Back... And more Epic than ever!!!

Double 8Bit Remix: Handel's Hallelujah Chorus

Posted 2 years ago on 5/22

Deus Ex: 8Bit Revolution (Human Revolution Theme)

Posted 2 years ago on 5/15
You never asked for this... but its time for an 8Bit Revolution

Double 8Bit Remix: 8Bits of Courage (Mass Efffect 3/Heart of Courage)

Posted 2 years ago on 5/2
Take Earth Back with... 8Bits of Courage

Double 8Bit Remix: Double Dragon II - Final Boss (Shadow Master) & Staff Roll

Posted 2 years ago on 4/28 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
Feel the Roar of the Double Dragon!!!

First Impressions: Prototype 2

Posted 2 years ago on 4/24
Is this Prototype ready for mass production?

Double 8bit Remix: FotNS - Heart of Madness (Kodomo Band)

Posted 2 years ago on 4/20
OH-WOH! Standin' In The Heart of Darkness!! OH-WOH! Give Me My Life! Give Me My Energy!!

Double 8bit Remix: AVGN What is Pause? [Battletoads / Haddaway]

Posted 2 years ago on 4/17
What is pause? Pimple don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more...