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kevinwska's Subscribers

  • JRokujuushi

    When I'm not playing games, I'm probably writing or arranging music. If you need music for something, feel free to give me a shout and we'll talk business. As for games, I tend to prefer games that give you time to...
  • Classy Snake

    Formerly in Japan, currently in the US. I like rocking out, playing games and playing sports. Enjoying just about anything that is worth doing. Hate rudeness and lack of manners. Love Pizza, Metal Gear! and nice smiles...
  • screamqueen3110

    i'm a jewellery designer with my own home business @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bensam-Designs/262501907097724 i also like tattoos and have actually tattooed myself and a few other people. i also love games and...
  • Master Wayne

    I get quite sentimental about retro games, which is my one of my true loves. So expect me to release retro game videos and top ten lists. I also enjoy rocking out on my guitar's. G1 for life yo'
  • werdman24

    Gamer, nerd, pro wrestling fan, rocker. Keep on keepin' on!!!
  • gameplayandtalk

    http://www.implantgames.com/ http://www.youtube.com/austinmackert/ http://www.facebook.com/GameplayAndTalk http://www.imretroactive.com/
  • LineBeckIV

    I Play Video Games! Not much else to say...Well i'm a huge Zelda fan and as you might have guessed, I really like Linebeck, even though i go by KillerKremling most of the time.
  • Sega32xz

    Saving up for a Neo geo, Owns the entire Shining force trilogy boxed and mint including the Sega cd game
  • Pogue-Mahone

    I play video games, I play music, and I juice my vegetables.
  • Dragon Baller

    My aim here at ScrewAttack is to provide reviews, play-throughs, blogs, vlogs, my game collection and hints to all the games in the Dragon Ball franchise, both old and new. Oh, and In case my username didn't give the...

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